News del 11/06/2020




Maschio Gaspardo Group has obtained the "Digital Star" award, the seal of the German Institute of Quality and Finance ITQF that rewards the 350 digital excellences in Italy by analysing their online brand reputation. Thanks to its commitment in developing relationships of trust with its customers, Maschio Gaspardo has excelled in the Mechanical Industry category.

The research, now in its second edition, analysed the online feedback of a sample of 2,000 potentially relevant companies in Italy over a 12-month period. Using artificial intelligence software, about 2.5 million mentions of technology, innovation, and digitalisation were collected, examining the sources (about 438 million) all over the web, social media, portals, forums, blogs, videos.

The ratings were assigned based on three parameters: the number of quotes of the company name, the reference category of the publication and the spirit of what was expressed (positive, negative or neutral).

"We are proud of being part of the Digital Star 2020 - commented Mirco Maschio, President of Maschio Gaspardo -. We have always thought that the development of a relationship based on trust with our customers was essential, and in our opinion it is created thanks to a constant commitment to guarantee quality and service, but also through an increase in awareness of environmental sustainability and an ever-increasing enhancement of the so-called "customer experience" among research, sales and loyalty. The confirmation that digital sentiment towards our company is so approving shows us that our attention to develop positive relationships, even online, based on mutual trust, is heading in the right direction".