News del 27/11/2019

Maschio Gaspardo inaugurates the new productive line 

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new assembly line of precision planters Chrono in Morsano al Tagliamento plant.


The President of the Region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga,visiting Morsano al Tagliamento factory of Maschio Gaspardo, has cut today the ribbon for the inauguration of the new assembly line.

The layout of the production department has been redefined to add the new assembly line dedicated to Chrono planters from 6 to 18 rows, intended to meet the increasing demands coming from the international markets. 

It concerns the new family of precision planters, equipped with the innovative, accurate and efficient seeding elements at high-speed rate, created thanks to the continuous research Maschio Gaspardo and the collaboration with Italian School of Design.

Model Chrono, praised for 7 international patents and a unique design in its category, has been crowned this year in Adi Index 2019 and awarded at the most recent exhibitions, among them SIMA 2019, receiving the prestigious award “Machine of the year 2019”.

In addition, The President of Friulia, Federica Seganti, the Presidente of Veneto Sviluppo, Fabrizio Spagna and the Presidente of Finest, Alessandro Minon have taken part to the ceremony.