News del 13/11/2019

Chrono shines in Adi Index 2019

The precision planter born from the collaboration between Galileo and MASCHIO GASPARDO gets into the gotha of the Italian design.

Result of a collaboration coming from students, research and development R&D team of Galileo Visionary District and Technical Area of MASCHIO GASPARDO. The new technological precision planter of the multinational corporation located in Campodarsego is crowned from the Italian design world by ADI Index side, after collecting other rewards from 4 corners of the globe.


Padua, 8 November 2019 - Galileo Visionary District and MASCHIO GASPARDO gets into Adi Index 2019 with Chrono, the automatic planter that is collecting prestigious international rewards around the globe.

Being mentioned in ADI Index is particularly significant in the world of design: the yearly publication of ADI (Association for the Industrial Design) chooses the best piece of Italian design produced during the year, selecting candidates through the permanent Observatory of Design ADI. The selection is always afforded among high-profile products (or products systems) belonging to any product category, as well as theoretical-critical researches, of process or company, as long as applied in the design sphere.

This year the attention of the selection committee has been captured from the new precision seeding element CHRONO, able to increase over 50% the productivity allowing to operate at the best efficiency level with 15 km/h speed limit. CHRONO is equipped by ISOTRONIC technology and, through a simple connection to any ISOBUS tractor, settles the section control and perfectly adheres to all principles of precision farming.

CHRONO is the consequence of a strategical partnership between MASCHIO GASPARDO and GALILEO, a collaboration nowadays active. For the creation of this innovative technological instrument, professors and designers of Galileo Visionary District have been convened to collaborate together with the Technical Area of MASCHIO GASPARDO in this process of development.

The first step of the project involved also third-year students of the class of "Design & Communication of the Product" of SID (Italian School of Design), they proposed over 30 different concepts to identify the new brand language, that is aesthetic/stylistic language to prefer for the new generation of machines produced by MASCHIO GASPARDO.

The best projects were lately developed from R&D (Research and Development area of Galileo Visionary District) and from the team lead by Cesar Arroyo (Responsible Design Area of Galileo). The activities have been carried out in close contact with the Technical Area of MASCHIO GASPARDO and its responsible Andrea Ruffin.

After CHRONO successes, beyond being part of section ADI Index 2019, other rewards can be enumerated in several exhibitions of the sector, among them SMAU and SIMA in Paris, the collaboration between Research and Development of MASCHIO GASPARDO and the Italian School of Design (SID) has continued. The design of the novelties presented at AGRITECHNICA 2019 is hence born from this synergy, from the awareness that the research of functional aspects, ergonomics, materials and style have a more and more important impact.   

«The Project» clarifies Cesar Arroyo, responsible Design Area of the Scientific and Technological Park Galileo Visionary District «summarizes perfectly the new arrangement of GALILEO as interconnected and multidisciplinary system where marketing competences, design, materials and technological transfer, engineering coexist together for business service, for research & development and innovation in general».

«CHRONO is the successful completion of a constant commitment that MASCHIO GASPARDO has always shown towards technological innovation» states Andrea Ruffin, responsible of the Technical Area of MASCHIO GASPARDO, «Productivity increase is just one of the consequences that these technologies imply, but what matters is to understand how innovation can improve people life quality, from the machine user till the consumer. With CHRONO the guide lines have been drawn, the coming innovations are following the path introduced by this project».