News del 08/03/2019

The story of MASCHIO’s round balers has reached a new milestone: 35,000 machines produced in the plant of Cremona since the introduction of these models in the market in the '80s. The Variable Geometry, which characterizes Extreme 2 and Extreme 3 models, represents the best in class solution in terms of forage conservation quality.

In February 2019 MASCHIO GASPARDO reached an important goal; the well-known Italian manufacturer of agricultural equipment has indeed reached 35,000 round balers sold.

In the 2014 MASCHIO GASPARDO acquires the Cremona, Italy based company FERABOLI adding an important piece to reach the full range of equipment. Thanks to the new international sales network, the distribution of round balers benefits from a strong acceleration and reaches 35,000 units sold worldwide.

A market success guaranteed by investments in research and development that led to the creation of the Extreme models and the patent on Variable Geometry, unique on the market, which made the MASCHIO GASPARDO round balers famous all over the world.

The Variable Geometry allows farmer to manage bale pressure of the core depending on the type and humidity conditions of the product.

The strength of Variable Geometry is the hydraulic rocker arms system: the first rocker arm determines the pressure and the diameter of the bale, with the possibility of creating a pre-chamber at zero pressure with a maximum diameter of 90 cm, while the second arm compensates automatically the belts tensioning to maintain the chamber widely open.

The winning concept is in the pre-chamber which, thanks to the first rocker arm hold steady in raised position, creates a free space with (an absolute) no pressure on the incoming product. In this way the product will accumulate randomly, with the creation of the classic star shaped core (with a maximum diameter of 90 cm), just as in a common fixed chamber round baler.

The benefits that derive from the pre-chamber operating at zero pressure are very important, because the soft core allows the hay to be stored in an optimal way thus maintaining a high quality even during storage, which is fundamental when it comes to animal feed.

In the case of very dry products such as straw or silage forages, the pressure can be set easily from the cab (up to a maximum of 210 bar), creating a hard core that optimizes bale weight and storage efficiency. From the core to the external layer, the pressure is adjustable in three stages to achieve the required compression.

This technology shows the will of MASCHIO GASPARDO to satisfy a specific local need and then extend the results to farmers from all over the world, offering highly productive, innovative and safe products.