News del 06/03/2019

At SIMA 2019, MASCHIO GASPARDO celebrated the 30th anniversary of direct seeding.

In 1989, GASPARDO develops DIRETTA, the first cereal seed drill suitable for no-till and mulch seeding applications.

Today, 30 years after the first model, GASPARDO never stopped refining its machines, developing cutting-edge solutions, recognized by farmers and contractors from all over the world as best-in class.


GIGANTE PRESSURE the new flagship model, which features a pressurized hopper, ensures a better seed delivery even in steep hilly conditions. ISOBUS monitor easily controls it.

GASPARDO no-till seeding units perform well in any soil condition, from hard dry to damp soils, and even in stony terrains always guaranteeing the optimal seed delivery at constant depth.

The history of these models and their continuous evolution confirm the important know how in the field of sod seeding and the will to keep improving the range of products, which has always been in the spirit of MASCHIO GASPARDO.

DIRETTA has been tested and studied during the LIFE AGRICARE project held at Vallevecchia, in Italy, the pilot farm of VENETO region. The project has compared in side-by-side uniforms plots the conventional tillage with the conservative agriculture combined with precision farming technology.

The application of GASPARDO sowing machines guarantees not only excellent yields but also a reduction of machining costs and CO2 emissions, savings proved and certified by those tests.

Moreover, thanks to this technique the surface water run-off is limited and, therefore, the consequent soil erosion.

For its environmental benefits and its eco-friendly technology, DIRETTA, was awarded at Shanghai EXPO 2010 for environmental benefits and technology applied to this product family.