News del 31/05/2018

A year after the conclusion of Life Agricare, at the Experimental Vallevecchia Company in Caorle took place the final meeting of all the subjects involved in the project.

Among the present: Veneto Agricoltura (Dr. Lorenzo Furlan), ENEA (Dr. Nicola Colonna accompanied by Francesco Lodato), TESAF - University of Padua (Prof. Luigi Sartori) and EURIS (Dr. Ruggero Targhetta); to represent our group, the President Mirco Maschio and the Marketing Director Alessandro Cazzin, as well as the Engineers Donadon, Centis and Dr. Perlari who followed the project.

The meeting wanted to draw up a summary report on what has emerged from three years of studies and experiments, aimed at comparing technologies and techniques to limit CO2 emissions in agricultural crops in order to reduce global pollution and safeguard the environment, but many other aspects have emerged, especially in the future.

All agreed, in fact, in suggesting that the studies and results of Life AgriCare should continue in the direction taken, to deepen the already resolved aspects and ensure maximum attention to our planet and the resources it offers us.

At the end of the briefing, Mirco Maschio gave the participants a symbolic present to reward the passion and tenacity with which each of these professionals has been able to contribute to Life Agricare, a title born from the very definition of objectives: Introducing innovative precision farming techniques in AGRIculture decrease CARbon Emission.
Also said, the MASCHIO GASPARDO Group takes care of the environment, and fortunately it is not alone in this process.