News del 10/10/2018



The front 60 cm. diameter solid, notched discs are 0.8cm thick. They are made in high tensile boron steel and have a soil contact which is four times wider than the smaller diameter discs. The discs concavity ensures better soil straw mixing even on a very high density residues, then conventional vertical discs. Each disc hub is mounted on an individual heavy-duty C spring support. The special C shape produces a permanent 3D vibration which improves soil refinement and residues incorporation. The spring arm allows an independent action of each disc and compensates for varying ground conditions as discs can move upwards and sideways. The working depth (up to 15 cm) can be adjusted hydraulically on the go.


Three gangs of spring reset shanks (950 kbs pre-load) designed to fracture root limiting compaction layers, promote aeration, limit runoff and improve water infiltration which helps the soil to retain moisture. The curved deflectors arranged in a ‘X’ layout perform a unique lift, twist and roll action while the tungsten coated points shatter hard-pan layers and improve shank penetration (up to 30 cm). Shanks geometry improves residue flow and soil penetration.


The Dracula comes as standard with hydraulically adjustable leveling discs and finishing packer roller to achieve the desired field finish. The heavy-duty disc leveling system is rigid mounted to the frame and its inclination adjustments are made according to the rear packer roller. The finishing roller (Ø 60 cm) sizes clods and reconsolidates the field for a reduced amount of secondary tillage passes before planting. The rear roller position and the consequently shanks operating depth can be set to infinite different positions thanks to user friendly collars.