News del 04/10/2018


Consumer demand for organically produced goods has shown double-digit growth during most years since the 1990s. The adaption of an integrated cropping system relies on ecologically based practices, such as cultural and biological pest management, and virtually excludes the use of synthetic chemicals in crop production. Because organic production has greater restriction on inputs, the application of highly efficient implements has a significant influence on success.

Among others, weed management is crucial to maximize crop yield potential on organic operations. Cultivation is probably the most widely used weed control method: mechanical operations uproots or buries weeds. Direct weed control has also seen developments, with new implements appearing on the market.

Great interest is grooving on active tools that pull the weed roots out leaving them dry up and die.  Power harrows meets these needs because it stirs the topsoil, instead of mixing it as a tiller would do, in a horizontal fashion avoiding soil layers inversion and vertical compression, which can lead to hardpan formation. The stirring effect on the soil allows moisture to be retained than the crop establishment can be faster improving crop competition capacity.

MASCHIO GASPARDO offers a wide range of power harrows with widths from 130 to 800 cm and rigid or folding frames. The ORSO model, featured with the exclusive ‘bearing technology’  meets the needs of organic producers; each blade rotor is equipped with special self-aligning roller bearings, characterized by outstanding resistance (+30% comparing to tapered bearings) and high load tolerance. The 25 cm pitch between rotors (12 rotors in a 300 cm. machine) increase soil tillage and reduce the power requirement splitting torque in more units. The special rotors phasing (15°) makes tools enter gradually into the soil: tractor progression is easier and vibration are significantly low.

Blades replacement is quick and easy with the patented “RAPIDO” system; by a special key, is possible to spring-release the pin that locks the blades and removes them manually. Comparing to the standard systems, RAPIDO prevents the likeliness to lose the cotter, the pin or even the tines when working on stony fields. Very large surface in contact between tines and rotor support reduces reciprocal plays and avoid wear of blade housing.

Available in 300, 350, 400 and 450 cmORSO matches with many different rear rollers (cage, packer, spike and rubber) to ensure a perfect soil tillage in every condition.

With the rapid growth in the organic sector, farmers will increasingly look for new methods to control weeds and insects, and to increase yields. Maschio Gaspardo is ready with a wide range of tillage tools to meet the needs of organic and conventional producers.