News del 18/10/2018


DRACULA cultivator from Maschio combines industry-leading know-how, agronomic advantages and durability. Thanks to the combination of individual front notched discs (Ø 60 cm, 22° cutting angle), three rows of spring-reset shanks (shank trip force: 1150 kgs), dampened levelers and rear ring roller (Ø 60 cm), DRACULA provides crop residue management, soil aeration, levelling and seedbed preparation in one cost-effective passage.

Choosing this cultivator, you can face both shallow and deep tillage operations (from 5 up to 35 cm). The perfect overlapping of big diameter discs and shanks guarantees an extremely consistent tillage across the working width. The high clearance (70 cm) and the disc-shanks placement make DRACULA the most aggressive residue-sizing and mixing option available on the market.

DRACULA’s frame is extremely sturdy! The main frame is made of a 35 x 25 cm heavy duty beam where wings are connected and operated by 4 hydraulic cylinderswhich ensure a constant working depth preventing frame oscillations, torsions and damages. The front disc hubs are equipped with metal face sealing, double bearing and oil-filled, thus providing long service life (8,000 hectares warranty). Each disc hub is mounted on an individual heavy duty C-shaped spring support. The spring arm allows an independent action of each disc and compensates for varying ground conditions as discs can move upwards and sideways. The disc arm is stone-proof and thanks to its great vertical excursion if a stone crash occurs it doesn’t make any damage to the unit itself. The working depth of the discs is easy to set on the go by the hydraulic control.

DRACULA is equipped with a heavy-duty cat. 4 towing eye drawbar and in transport mode it is only 3 mt wide.  

As a soil caretaker, DRACULA creates optimal field conditions for more yield potential and more profit!