News del 04/04/2014


Maschio Gaspardo power harrows enclose the expertise of the Group: a manufacturing philosophy that has put quality and technology at the forefront since 1964. The international agricultural magazine Profi tested on the field Toro, Orso and Jumbo for highest performances.

50 years of history, more than 30 product lines and 80 power harrows models for a full range covering all the phases of agricultural mechanization. The Maschio power harrows, in particular Orso, Toro and Jumbo, have been tested by the technical editorial staff of the international magazine Profi, specialized in agricultural technologies.

On the 2014 March issue the magazine published a detailed report on the new models of the Maschio quick release power harrows, manufactured to satisfy the needs of contractors and large farms.

The Maschio brand has a leading role in tillage in the British market: the rigid model DM and the folding Aquila are very popular. The new models tested by Profi cope with increases in tractor HP and are suitable for continuous hard work on stony soils. As a matter of fact the rigid power harrow Orso is designed for tractor power up to 250 HP, while the folding power harrows Toro and Jumbo are designed respectively for tractor power up to 380 HP and 450 HP for the highest yield.

The three models have the new swiveling roller bearings for harrows, ensuring higher resistance compared to roller and tapered bearings, and combining sturdiness and reliability to ease of maintenance.

Functionality and excellent performances are always guaranteed with the Maschio power harrows and Profi confirms it.

Click here to read the article published on the March issue of Profi – Tractors and Farm Machinery.