News del 21/03/2014


Green Innovation, Radical Green and Business Excellence: Maschio Gaspardo has been recognized with three important Italian awards for its social responsibility and technological innovation at the service of the environment.

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental aspect of the Group strategy, concerning both the production process and the search of innovative solutions to save resources and protect the earth: a green approach taking into consideration all production stages, and a company philosophy that designates Maschio Gaspardo as leader in the agricultural mechanization sector.

The Group has been recognized for the second year as engine of sustainable development in the agricultural business by the Symbola Foundation, with the Green Innovation Award, as part of Agreenculture – the Report on green agricultural technologies, at the Agricultural Mechanization Fair of Savigliano, Cuneo, held from March 14th to 16th 2014.

The Award has been given to Maschio Gaspardo for its continuous commitment towards sustainability, thanks to the production of low environmental impact machines and the considerable resources invested in the effective CO2 reduction of its production plants through the installation of photovoltaic panels.                                                                                  

The Radical Green Award, organized within the 2014 edition of the ‘Green Week delle Venezie’ festival, confirms the energy and environmental foresight of the Group. As a matter of fact Maschio Gaspardo is among the ten Italian best practices chosen in terms of sustainability and products.

The Award ceremony was held on March 18th 2014 in Altavilla Vicentina at the CUOA Foundation with the presence of Mirco Maschio, Managing Director of the Maschio Gaspardo Group, who, on the occasion, stressed how important is to bet on technological innovation and sustainability: “The attention towards the environment is a key factor for our Group in order to be competitive in any market around the world”. “This Award,” says Mirco Maschio, “gives us great satisfaction because it confirms our commitment in energy and environmental policies, combining competitiveness, economic growth and resources improvement.”

Moreover, Maschio Gaspardo has also been recognized by the main industrial organizations of Padua for its Business Excellence and its high social sense of responsibility attested by the international certifications obtained, the number of registered patents, the investments on research and the development of human resources.

Maschio Gaspardo proves to be a key actor in the transition to a green economy, a new model based on the sustainable use of resources and on the reduction of the production activities impact on the environment.