News del 25/02/2014

Maschio Gaspardo celebrated a succesful year together with the suppliers for the increase of its turnover


Egidio Maschio, ‘I want to thank all the suppliers, who have supported us with their trust and loyalty during this year of extraordinary growth for our Group. In the current economic scenario, we have to invest and grow together, to be more and more competitive and beat the competition.’

The suppliers are pivotal actors in the process of growth of the Maschio Gaspardo Group. A year ago, to reward their loyalty and reliability, it was signed an innovative agreement to guarantee the orders for the following three years maintaining supply prices.

On that occasion Egidio Maschio, President of the Group, gathered more than 200 selected suppliers from all over Italy and signed an agreement to tackle the current time of crisis and continue the growth path of the Group on the base of four key elements as quality, service, commitment and loyalty.

Therefore the suppliers were formally asked not to raise the prices for the following three years, always guaranteeing high supply quality, fast delivery service, unified performance monitoring systems, supply codes reduction to simplify the requests, always honouring the agreement within the terms provided and ensuring more flexibility in the stock management according to the kanban method.

The Group, in turn, committed itself to guarantee the orders for the next three years, providing the suppliers with full collaboration of its R&D and Purchasing departments, in order to help them in the improvement of processes, management of quality and lean production.

After one year the agreement has payed back with the acquisition of Feraboli, the partnership with Moro, and the opening of new production plants in Italy and in the US to be more and more competitive in the global markets. Maschio Gaspardo increased its turnover by 20% in 2013 and reached the full product range, but the Group looks to the future and does not stop here. On the contrary, it wants to keep on growing and shopping in the international market of agricultural equipment to complete the range. To reach this target, the President Egidio Maschio gathered again the suppliers and asked them to renovate their support and the agreement that binds them. He asked them to keep on believing in it and strongly believe in the quality of the Maschio Gaspardo Group.

‘Our success is because of you.’

Egidio Maschio

President of the Maschio Gaspardo Group