News del 03/02/2014


On Saturday 1st February 2014, a convention dedicated to the world of contracting titled "Contracting  Perspectives, New Technologies and Common Agricultural Policy" took place at the Maschio Gaspardo Unigreen plant in Portogruaro, Venice. On the occasion, a new model of self-propelled applicator for digestate has been presented, which will be entirely produced for the world market at the Portogruaro plant.

The event, organized by the Maschio Gaspardo Unigreen Group in collaboration with FIMAV, the Federation of Agricultural Mechanization of the Veneto region, has been aimed at presenting the new EU agricultural policy as an active tool for the growth and development of agricultural and contracting companies, as well as illustrating the development of new technologies generated by Maschio Gaspardo Unigreen for agricultural mechanization.

In front of an audience of more than 500 farmers, contractors and farmers from the Veneto region, Egidio Maschio, President of the Maschio Gaspardo Unigreen Group, Paolo De Castro, President of the European Parliament Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development, Gianni Dalla Bernardina, President of FIMAV, and Renato Chisso, Councillor for Mobility and Infrastructure of the Veneto Region, participated to the convention.

"With the approval of the new Common Agricultural Policy, the Italian agricultural system is starting a new seven-year program till 2020 with new resources and tools to address the several challenges that companies have to face, due to the evolving world scenario," said Paolo De Castro. "Italy shall use this support to reorganize the agricultural and food industry in order to exploit its full potential and to equally redistribute incomes within the sector that has to become a real asset for the future of our country."

"The Maschio Gaspardo Group continues to invest in Italy because it represents the core of our corporate identity," said the President Egidio Maschio. "Our investments and new acquisitions demonstrate our will to take even more root in Italy, increasing the capacity of our production and allowing the optimization of the Italian plants. We keep on growing because we strongly believe in our Group and our employees. We are brave and resourceful, and most of all we want to work. Our export and turnover figures - 280 million Euros in 2013, with a 20% growth compared to 2012 - confirm the excellent quality of our products, which have been chosen by farmers, suppliers and contractors for 50 years now."

On the occasion, the Maschio Gaspardo Unigreen Group presented a new model of agricultural machine, intended for the internal and external markets, which will be entirely produced in the Portogruaro plant from 2015 with the aim of producing 50 machines per year.

It is the prototype of an innovative six large wheels self-propelled applicator - 8 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 4 meters high - for the distribution of digestate, the residue produced by biogas plants, used in agriculture as fertilizer for its high fertilizer value.

The new model combines the advantages of modern self-propelled machines with high-spreading performances, high distribution precision and reduced soil compression. The first produced model has been consigned to the Andretta company of Torviscosa (UD) that will use it for its final tests on the field.

Currently at the Portogruaro plant, inaugurated last September, there are 120 employees. Thanks to the production of this new machine it will reach 200 workers.

“To anticipate market demands and meet the needs of customers and suppliers are crucial aspects for Maschio Gaspardo Unigreen. As a matter of fact innovation is at the heart of our Group strategy," concluded the President Egidio Maschio.