CHRONO, the latest technology of GASPARDO for high speed planting.

CHRONO patented technology offers best-in-class performance, at any planting speed and the lowest running cost, and the exclusive seed transport is carried out by airflow at variable pressure. The accurate seed singulation is managed by the metering unit, which operates by vacuum. Each individual metering runs with a 12V brushless motor, and row section control operates on each individual row unit.

The heavy-duty row unit frame along with the largest openers in the market (16.5") create a narrow “V” furrow, and the rubber press wheel ensures perfect seed-to-soil contact. Five opener scrapers guarantee operation in the most challenging conditions, even when other planters cannot perform.

The air seed transport not only consistently delivers seeds in the furrow, but also keeps the seed-tube clean in all conditions. “Air doesn’t ware.” CHRONO comes with just one motor per unit and its long-lasting design allows for the lowest total cost of ownership.

Change crop takes a few minutes, replace the seeding plates, adjust the singulators and set the desired seed population directly from the cab and the planter is good to go.

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