CHRONO - High speed planting technology


CHRONO è la nuova tecnologia di GASPARDO per la semina di precisione ad alta velocità. 
Le seminatrici CHRONO presentano un’unità di semina a trasmissione elettrica ed un esclusivo sistema di trasporto pneumatico del seme che permettono di operare a velocità di 15 km/h, con uno standard di precisione garantito ai massimi livelli.
CHRONO è il migliore della sua categoria, unico sistema di semina ad alta velocità in grado di eccellere in tutte le situazioni, ovvero con ogni tipologia di seme, di esigenza agronomica e condizione di campo, anche avversa. Questa nuova macchina va ad arricchire la già vasta gamma di soluzioni offerte da GASPARDO per la semina di precisione, definendo un nuovo standard qualitativo per la cruciale operazione della semina. La produttività più elevata si sposa ai benefici agronomici di un’unità di semina estremamente versatile. Dal convenzionale alla minima lavorazione per poi arrivare alla semina diretta, questa seminatrice può lavorare in una vastissima gamma di condizioni garantendo sempre la migliore precisione di deposizione dei semi.  

CHRONO is the newest technology of GASPARDO for high speed planting.

CHRONO was awarded with the SIMA audience as "MACHINE OF THE YEAR 2019", thanks to the patented high speed planting technology. Vacuum precision planters with our CHRONO metering unit feature an electrical transmission and an exclusive pressurized seed delivery system. It enables this planter to operate at 15 km/h with maximum planting accuracy.

CHRONO is the best-in-class high speed planting technology capable of guaranteeing an excellent planting accuracy with all seed types and soil conditions, even in the most challenging situation. This new product enriches the already large offering of solutions offered by GASPARDO for precision planting and sets new standards for this crucial farming operation. The highest level of productivity matches the agronomic advantages of an extremely versatile planting unit. From conventional to minimum tillage and even No-Till, this planter can perform in a wide range of conditions, always ensuring the best accuracy of seed placement.

At the forefront of planting accuracy, high speed with the best-in-class accuracy

The adjustable pneumatic air flow transports seeds from the metering unit to the seeding furrow. No vibrations nor bouncing in the seeding tube. Two independent systems manage the vacuum of the metering unit for seed selection while the pressurized air flow transports the seeds though the delivery tube to the furrow.

The seed transport air flow is adjustable and it can be set according to seed type and working speed. This exclusive solution of CHRONO is gentle and accurate with any type of seed. It ensures perfect seed placement even when the working speed is low or with small seeds that in case of excessive airflow they can bounce out of the furrow.

Every seed counts

The vacuum applied to the metering unit through the plate holes attracts and picks seeds that are finely singulated by the double seed singulator. The micrometric adjustment enables the singulation of any seed type and shape with maximum accuracy.


The metering unit has been designed to ensure minimum wearing of the components and maximum reliability in any working condition. The single electric motor that drives the seeding plate has zero maintenance and proven reliability.

Seeds are released by the distributor to the seed tube with zero friction, thanks to the 15° angle that features the metering unit.

The seed sensor collects instant data about population, distance and singulation efficiency. The operator can easily adjust the planting parameters directly from the tractor ISOBUS monitor or by using an additional monitor.

Every single component of CHRONO has been designed to maximize the accuracy while operating at high speed.

The design of CHRONO

The CHRONO precision planting unit is the result of the cooperation between MASCHIO GASPARDO R&D and SID Italian School of Design. The cutting edge design ensures the best performance, ease of use and ergonomic results for the operator.

The CHRONO design and name express dynamism, speed and precision. Remarkable, unique style offers a modern look.



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