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22-44 kW (30-60 HP)

Sturdy rotary tiller with some features of larger models such as multispeed gearbox, PTO shaft with slip clutch, 6 blades per flange and "Duo cone” waterproof sealings for the best reliability on every conditions.

Szerokość robocza
Głębokość pracy
Numero di utensili
125 22-44 / 30-60 125 22 36
145 26-44 / 35-60 145 22 42
165 30-44 / 40-60 165 22 48
185 33-44 / 45-60 185 22 54
205 37-44 / 50-60 205 22 60
  • Multispeed Gearbox 540 rpm PTO
  • Rotor revolutions (4s): 166-185-230-258
  • PTO shaft with shear pin (1” 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • Side gears drive in oil bath
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. II^
  • Offset front bar hitches
  • Bonnet spring adjusters
  • 6 blades per flange (side blades are always mounted inwards)
  • “Duo cone” waterproof sealings, oil bath lubrication
  • «CE» safety guards 
Easy rotor rpm settings with the multispeed gearbox Open Close

Rotor rpm setting

Easy rotor rpm settings with the multispeed gearbox

Working speed could be easily set by changing the gears inside the PTO gearbox. The user may select the most suitable rotor rpm according to soil conditions.

Low maintenance Open Close


Low maintenance

The new Duo-Cone sealing system guarantees reliability without the need for maintenance. You can achieve at least 50% longer life from the Duo-Cone system than standard sealing systems in the most demanding working environments.
The sealing system is completely waterproof or “amphibious” allowing the rotor and bearing to run in its own oil supply, this allows the rotor to work and be reliable in the dustiest of environments or even work immersed in water and yet the seals will still prevent water and dust ingress into the rotor and hubs.


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