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UFO rigid frame is the solution for medium farms looking for a strong, reliable and performing disc harrow. It matches with tractors from 110 to 200 HP and is available in widths from 2.5 to 4 m. To complete the machine, UFO is provided with side containing discs as a standard feature, and it is possible to choose among different rear rollers.

Głębokość pracy
Larghezza di lavoro
Ingombro stradale
Liczba talerzy (⌀/N.) Liczba talerzy
250 81-103 / 110-140 12 250 285 20 610
300 110-125 / 150-170 12 300 300 24 610
400 132-147 / 180-200 12 400 430 32 610
  • Trójpunktowy układ zawieszenia, cat. III N
  • 2 rzędy niezależnych talerzy Ø 610 mm
  • Tylny wał z regulacją przetyczkami
  • Talerze boczne
  • Oświetlenie i tablice ostrzegawcze do wersji 300, 400
  • Łożyska dużej wytrzymałości 'Cultihubs'
  • - łożyska z podwójnym rzędem walców
  • - samosmarne
  • - wodoodporne obudowy
  • Oświetlenie do wersji 250
  • Para kół żeliwnych do regulacji głębokości
  • Przednie koła ogumione do regulacji głębokości
  • Dopłata do wersji półzawieszanej do 250, 300, 400
Culti hub Open Close


Culti hub

The culti hub is an oversized solution that guarantees the maximum reliability and durability working on every soil condition. Thanks to the heavy duty dual roll bearing it can bare shocks and high load tipical of hard and rocky soil conditions. The long life comes from the perfect oil lubrication. The dual cone sealing system allows use of oil and makes the hub totally water and dust proof, maintenance free and long lasting.


Agronomic advantages Open Close

pic 043

Agronomic advantages

UFO is designed to accomplish several actions in the field:

  • Residue sizing – Aggressive notched blades slice through crop residue to effectively size it for rapid decomposition.
  • Residue blending – The high-speed rotation of the discs turns the soil while chopping residue. This results in an ideal mixture of tilled soil with properly sized residue.
  • Oxygen introduction/warming – As the soil and residue are mixed, oxygen enters the tilled zone and in cooler soils the action also warms the seed zone for rapid crop rooting and emergence.
  • Activation of soil bacteria – Machinery doesn't break down crop residue as the soil bacteria does. When soil is warmed and oxygen is introduced, soil bacteria becomes active and feeds on crop residue. During this process, the residue decomposes and the nutrients become available for new plantings.
  • Finishing – The soil/residue mix helps bacteria break down residue better. The consolidated surface also produces an ideal seedbed, prevents erosion and creates a capillary effect to preserve moisture.

Side discs Open Close

Foto 4

Side discs

The adjustable cointaining discs avoid ridges among passes and improve residue mixing. Multiple adjustments are available.

Disc diameter and concavity Open Close

disc concavity

Disc diameter and concavity

UFO notched discs have a wide 24" diameter and are 1/3" thick. They are made in high tensile boron steel and have a soil contact which is four times wider than the smaller diameter discs. The discs concavity ensures better soil straw mixing even on a very high density residues, then conventional vertical discs.


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