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MASCHIO designed a full range of folding speed discs. The large diameter disc with its inclination and low concavity allow to get the depth and to throw much more dirt than a conventional vertical tillage tool. Soil is blackened up and tends to warm up faster, so it is possible to advance sowing operations. UFO can replace a conventional disc, field cultivator and rolling straw chopper all at once.

Version Discs (⌀/N.) Power Needed (HP)
400 32 160-220 13 10 2 - 6 24
450 36 180-240 14 10 2 - 6 24
500 40 220-280 16 10 2 - 6 24
600 48 260-360 20 10 2 - 6 24
  • Hydraulic drawbar CAT.3
  • 2 gangs of independent Ø 24 in. discs with double coil spring
  • Adjustable containing disc (left and right)
  • Hydraulic folding frame
  • 400/60-15.5 transport wheels (Version 400-450)
  • 500/45-22.5 transport wheels (Version 500-600)
  • Lighting and warning board kit
  • Tractor hydraulic distributors required: Min 6
  • Rear roller with pin adjustment
  • Heavy-duty disc hubs “Cultihubs”:
           - double sheres bearings
           - oil bath
           - waterproof mechanical sealing
  • Braking axle (version 400-450)
  • Braking axle (version 500-600) 
  • Oil braking system
  • Air braking system
  • 700/40-22.5 wheels
  • Towing eye CAT.4
  • Two-point hitch drawbar 
  • Ball K80
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Agronomic insight

UFO is designed to accomplish several actions in the field:

  • Residue sizing – Aggressive notched blades slice through crop residue to effectively size it for rapid decomposition.
  • Residue blending – The high-speed rotation of the discs turns the soil while chopping residue. This results in an ideal mixture of tilled soil with properly sized residue.
  • Oxygen introduction/warming – As the soil and residue are mixed, oxygen enters the tilled zone and in cooler soils the action also warms the seed zone for rapid crop rooting and emergence.
  • Activation of soil bacteria – Machinery doesn't break down crop residue as the soil bacteria does. When soil is warmed and oxygen is introduced, soil bacteria becomes active and feeds on crop residue. During this process, the residue decomposes and the nutrients become available for new plantings.
  • Finishing – Consolidating the soil/residue mix helps bacteria break down residue better. The consolidated surface also produces an ideal seedbed, prevents erosion and creates a capillary effect to preserve moisture.

Containing side discs Open Close

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Containing side discs

Easily adjustable side discs (in depth and inclination) allow a perfect soil retention even with heavy crop residues, preparing an optimal seed bed and leaving a nice flat finish (no side ridges or furrows).



Powerless soil refinement Open Close

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Powerless soil refinement


The double cage roller (ext. Ø 16”) guarantees a perfect soil refinement and residues mixing. The pendulum hinge system allows the roller to follow soil contours ensuring uniform weight distribution and accurate depth control also on uneven grounds. Packer (ext. Ø 24”), ring (ext. Ø 24”) or rubber (ext. Ø 24”) rollers are available on demand.



Culti-Hub Open Close



UFO include maintenance-free disc hubs with metal face sealing, double bearing and oil-filled, thus providing long service life (20,000 acres warranty). Discs are mounted directly to the bearing caps, which helps shield the bearing from damage in the field.

Hydraulic draw bar Open Close


Hydraulic draw bar

UFO can be equipped with a heavy duty 3 or 4 CAT. drawbar. Drawbar inclination can be comfortably adjusted from tractor seat just acting on the hydraulic cylinder to ensure maximum stability in transport and to adjust discs gangs down-pressure on the run.

Heavy-duty frame Open Close

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Heavy-duty frame

UFO frame is extremely sturdy! The folding version is equipped with 4 cylinders, 2 per side, that ensure a constant working depth preventing frame oscillations, torsions and than damages



Disc diameter and concavity Open Close

disc concavity

Disc diameter and concavity


UFO notched discs have a wide 24" diameter and are 1/3" thick. They are made in high tensile boron steel and have a soil contact which is four times wider than the smaller diameter discs. The discs concavity ensures better soil straw mixing even on a very high density residues, then conventional vertical discs.




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