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The evoluti on of Maschio’s tines cultivator concept is embodied in the TERREMOTO 3, “3” as its wide spaced (730 mm) ranks of elements. High soil clearance (900 mm) and wide spacing between shanks of the same rank, allow higher speeds of work (10 km/h) with no risk of clogging. Particular tips and deflectors get always a good soil till up to 25 cm. Intense action on first layer always gets a good grade of soil refi nement and residues burying.

Głębokość pracy
Zęby (N.) Larghezza di lavoro
Ingombro stradale
Liczba talerzy (⌀/N.)
230 51-95 / 70-130 25 7 230 230 6
300 62-110 / 85-150 25 10 300 300 8
350 110-132 / 150-180 25 12 350 350 8
400 FOLDING 126-185 / 170-250 25 13 400 300 8
  • Uniwersalny zaczep trójpunktowy, cat. III
  • 80mm szerokość dłut (do 25cm głębokości roboczej)
  • 80mm elementy dla intensywnego efektu mieszania - X-pattern
  • Proste zęby z zabezpieczeniem na śrubę lub sprężynę
  • Regulowana belka za pomocą przetyczek
  • Tylna brona TERREMOTO-3 230 *
  • Tylna brona TERREMOTO-3 300 *
  • Tylna brona TERREMOTO-3 350 *
  • Dopłata za belkę z talerzami do TERREMOTO-3 300 **
  • Dopłata za belkę z talerzami do TERREMOTO-3 350 **
  • Proste 80mm szerokie elementy do zwięzłych gleb *** (szt.)
  • 100 mm szerokie dłuta, głębokość pracy do 20cm **** (szt)
  • 310 mm szerokie skrztydła do płytkiej uprawy (szt)
Frame and tines Open Close

frame and tines

Frame and tines

To give extreme strength to the structure, frame is built with large section square beams (100 x 100 mm). Frame clearance of 900 mm from soil and tines disposed on three lines make this machinery suitable even with a very large quantity of crop residues.

Leveling system Open Close

leveling system

Leveling system

Elastic-tines or discs bar behind anchors levels ridges produced from tillage, preparing soil for subsequent action of rear roller.

Operating unit Open Close

shank cultivation

Operating unit

The tip design, side wings and deflector make on soil a high disturbance, producing optimal seedbed refinement and residues mixing. Worn-out side wings can be replaced with a quick-fit bolt system.

Tillage adjustments Open Close

regol terremoto300

Tillage adjustments

Tillage depth is adjustable through pins limiting anchors soil penetration. Leveling bar and rear roller are linked with a parallel connection to simplify adjustment operations and get same incidence for both elements.

Optional spring dampener Open Close

optional spring dampener

Optional spring dampener

Standard machine is equipped with safety bolt device to prevent any damage coming from collision with large rocks or debris into soil. To operate in stony conditions is available a no-stop system with adjustable spring dampener, allowing user to reduce downtimes.


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