BOOM FROM 59 to 78 FT, TANK FROM 369 TO 528 GALS.

TEMPO ONE offers the possibility to have all the advantages of a pull-type sprayer and the maneuverability of a mounted one: with additional front tank configuration, total volume available can rise up to over 924 GALS. Machine can be completed by spraying computer, boom up to 78 FT and air sleeve to match all the targets of efficiency, productivity and environmental respect.

Version Boom sections Tank capacity (GALS) Boom width (FT) PUMP FLOW (GAL/MIN - BAR) BOOM LIFTING (FT)
1300 5 or 7 369 59-78 66/20
1600 5 or 7 449 59-78 66/20
1900 5 or 7 528 59-78 66/20
  • Tri-jet nozzles
  • PTO shaft
  • Centralized control panel
  • Agitation circuit
  • Clear water tank
  • hand washing tank
  • Inner tank 360° spinning nozzle
  • Hydro-pneumatic boom dampener
  • Pre-mixer
  • Versions with manual control, electric o computer managed
  • Floating filter with 20 ft. of 2 in. hose 
  • GPS electronic rowmarker 
  • Foam rowmarker Compact-Mark with 1½ GALS tank
  • Available in version with air sleeve
  • Electric adjustment of RPM of AIRFLOW fan speed
  • Independent hydraulic pump (PTO DRIVEN, no need for oil plug to tractor)
  • ISOBUS monitor
ALA 800 boom series Open Close


ALA 800 boom series

The most complete and professional boom of ALA serie; double folding system and the oblique hinge of first arm make it extremely compact when closed even in the wider versions (105 and 118 ft.). Boom is featured with hydraulic lock of stabilizer, tilt corrector, independent geometry, tri-jet nozzles and 5 ft. hydraulic lifting. For a top range configuration the  VENTO” air sleeve is available on 69 and 79 ft. versions.  



105 ft. for POMPEO S 4400/S6500

69-79 ft. for SIRIO 2200/3200

69-79 ft for SATURNO ONE 1300/1600/1900

59-69-79 ft. for SATURNO 1000/1200

Pressure unit controll Open Close

elettrovalvole di controllo delle sezioni

Pressure unit controll

Pressure control units are available on 3 levels: manual, electrical or computer assisted. Mechanical one has a remote general switch to control the ON/OFF function from the driver’s seat. Sprayers with the electric pressure adjuster have a set of electro-valves to control all the booms movements from a console installed in the cab; with this solution a single double effect oil fast plug is required.


Deviokit Open Close



The Deviokit system, standard on all machines, allows the water circuit to be cleaned without any product dilution in the main tank: field operations can thus be stopped and backed up later with no risk of product clogging in the pipelines.



8 gal. pre-mixer Open Close


8 gal. pre-mixer

The pre-mixer reduces contact with dangerous chemicals during preliminary operations, and begins product dilution with flow from the main tank. The bottle-cleaner nozzle allows 100% of the product to be used, reducing the waste in empty bottles. A smart parallelogram with spring lock takes the basket in comfortable position for the user to pour product and move levers, at the end of preparation the pre-mixer moves back close to the main tank.



ALA 500 boom series Open Close


ALA 500 boom series

Model with working widths between 49 ft and 72 ft, last section of the arms folds upwards allowing side obstacles to be easily overcome. Boom is featured with the hydraulic lock of stabilizer, tilt corrector, independent geometry, tri-jet nozzles and hydraulic lifting.



Boom stabilizer Open Close


Boom stabilizer

To spray chemicals uniformly, it is a primary issue to keep the boom stable and always parallel to the soil. The stabilizer device has a key role in matching this target, especially when operating at high speeds. On trailed machines, booms are hung with single-hinge or parallelogram devices between boom and frame connection. Oscillations are reduced by gas-pistons or return-springs.



Air flow (optional) Open Close


Air flow (optional)

This device reduces treatment drift, avoiding any damage or contamination to non-target crops. Tthe air stream “opens” the canopy and allows product to penetrate in th elower layers of vegetation, for a better pest control.

The air flow is made by a fan  with a diameter of 27 ½ in. or 31 ½ in.: air speed can be adjusted from 0 to 71 mph through a potentiometer on spraying computer. An additional cylinder can vary the angle of the air flow to change incidence of the air flow. The fan is fed by an independent hydraulic circuit connected to PTO shaft.


Easy-accessible and logic control pannel Open Close

foto 004

Easy-accessible and logic control pannel

The control panel groups all the functions of the machine: all levers and main controls are clustered on the left side with logic indications for suction and delivery valves. Pre-mixer and hand-washing tap are very close to the main panel to ease any operation in preparing treatment.




front tank2


264 or 396 gals front tanks are availbale to extend your mounted sprayer to the equivalent of a medium size pull-type sprayer. The empting of the tank can be cohordinated to the rear main tank one, this avoid any tractor unbalancement during field operation. 

Boom dumpening system Open Close

sospensione barra

Boom dumpening system

SIRIO has a nitrogen accumulator directly connected to the cylinder of the vertical lift; on CAMPO this device is part of the circuit of parallelogram lifting. Boom dampening takes part to oscillation reduction and prevents damages from mechanical solicitations on most rough soils.




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