SI SIMONA Pieghevole Idraulica


O modelo SI SIMONA nas versões Milho e Beterraba caracteriza-se pelo chassis dobrável com fechamento de transporte a 3 m. É dotado de um sistema de compensação da instalação hidráulica nas alas laterais, para se adaptar a terrenos não em planície.

  • Chassis hidráulico com sistema de compensação de asas laterais di serie
  • Engate de 3 pontos com 1° ou 2° pontos oscilantes, cat. III
  • Elemento com soco e destorroador
  • Rodas de compressão traseiras (especificar tipo)
  • 1 disco de sementeira standard por elemento (precisar semente)
  • Versão 8 linhas com roda de transmissão 6.50 x 15
  • Versão 12 linhas com roda de transmissão 5.00 x 15
  • Par de engrenagens de transmissão
  • Cardan 1” 3/8 Z6-Z6 (Comprimento 900 Roda livre)
  • Vacuómetro
  • Marcador de linhas hidráulico com retracção do perfil da máquina
  • Kit luzes (desmontado)
  • Distribuidores hidráulicos tractor: Mínimo 3
  • Chassis 150x100 milímetros versões Base e Micro não compatível com adubador.
  • Kit sistema hidráulico baixa pressão para fecho de dupla fase - Desmontado *
  • Kit sistema hidráulico baixa pressão para fecho de dupla fase - Montado *
Accurate sowing Open Close


Accurate sowing

The vacuum metering system permits a very accurate singulation even with uneven size and irregular shape seeds. The two singulators and the short seed drop increase the sowing accuracy.

The vacuum fun is driven by the PTO shaft as standard or it can be hydraulically driven as optional.

Planting unit configuration Open Close

wheels types 2wheels pic

Planting unit configuration

Many configurations are available to adapt the seeding units to different soils and crops. FARMFLEX press wheels are recommended in sandy soils while in compact-dry and tough-wet soils 2” V and 1” V wheels are suggested respectively.

For small seeds (sugarbeet and rapeseed), SP planting unit is equipped with counter-acting front and rear wheels rocker arm design to increase consistency of planting depth.

Easy and precise fertilization Open Close


Easy and precise fertilization

The MINIMAX volumetric distributor can easily set up and permits the delivery of a wide range of rates (from 50 to 700 kg/ha - from 55 to 770 lb/ac), maintaining at the same time high the distribution accuracy.

PTO shaft drive Open Close

Sp 69

PTO shaft drive

Forget chains, lubrication and dust wear. No fear while working on many residues, corn stalks can’t damage it. The PTO shaft drive guarantees an even seed plate rotation with no maintenance needed. Maximum reliability with user friendly operation! Electric clutch shut-off system to disengage distribution units transmission from tractor cab through the monitor system is available as optional.

Wide range of frames Open Close


Wide range of frames

Gaspardo proposes a wide range of frames to equip SP planter ranges: fix frames (mod. SP SPRINT), telescoping frames (mod. SARA, ST STELLA ), folding frames (SI SIMONA) and both telescoping and folding frames (mod. SILVIA). Folding models are equipped with a hydraulic system on the wings in order to follow constantly the soil profile upward and downward.

Planting unit Open Close

planting unit

Planting unit

The SP planting unit is the result of the decennial experience of Gaspardo. The SP seeding unit is recommended for sowing on tilled soils with few crop residues on the surface. The seeding furrow is made by a drill coulter and the seeding depth is set by a parallelogram system between the frame and rear wheel, adjustable by a mechanical jack.

Adjustable transmission wheels (optional) Open Close


Adjustable transmission wheels (optional)

The transmission wheels are adjustable upward and downward following the soil profile. By this optional planter can work on raised soils typical, for example, of horticulture crop systems.