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66-130 kW (90-170 HP)

Rotary tiller intended for large farms and outside contractors. This is a large rotary tiller designed to work in particularly heavy conditions. Its new mechanical structure and wide choice of accessories allow it to achieve excellent results on any type of ground. It is available in the version with Cobra and Condor type blade rotor (see PANTERA)

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Número de herramientas
230 66-130 / 90-170 235 248 28 54
250 74-130 / 100-170 260 273 28 60
280 81-130 / 110-170 285 298 28 66
300 95-130 / 170 310 323 28 72
  • Cambio de velocidades T.d.f. 540/1000 r.p.m.
  • Revoluciones rotor T.d.f. 540 r.p.m. (3v): 133-162-220
  • Revoluciones rotor T.d.f. 1000 r.p.m. (3v): 181-246-300
  • Junta cardán con embrague (1” 3/8 Z6 horquilla lado tractor)
  • Transmisión lateral de engranajes en baño de aceite
  • Enganche universal de 3 puntos, cat. II
  • Enganches barras delanteros desplazables
  • Toma de fuerza trasera
  • 6 azadas por discos (las azadas laterales están orientadas al interior)
  • Reguladores de bonete de muelle
  • Par patines
  • Cojinetes super resistentes a tambor
  • Soporte rodamientos del rotor "Duo cone" con sellos mecánicos anfibios
  • Conexiones tercer punto standard a partir de la versión 280
  • Protecciones de seguridad "CE"
  • Versión con rotor Ø 570 mm rotor disponible bajo pedido
  • Versión con azadas laterales hacia el exterior disponible bajo pedido
  • Enganche sembradora hidráulico
  • Juego de borrahuellas
  • Dos ruedas delanteras para regulación de profundidad
  • Par de ruedas laterales Ø 500 m
  • Diente externo para limpiar los flancos
  • Reja de profundidad de disco lateral derecha (cad)
  • Reja de profundidad de disco lateral izquierda (cad.)
  • Kit carter de protección y patines laterale para uso con rodillo (SC) *
  • Kit patines anti-desgaste
  • Adaptador para tercer punto tipo "USA", cat. III (tercer punto rapido)
  • Recargo de precio - rotor Ø 570 mm - SC 280
  • Recargo de precio - rotor Ø 570 mm - SC 300
  • Recargo junta cardán excéntricas
  • Recargo de precio - contra bridas (230 - 250)
  • Recargo para contra-bridas 280-300
Easy rotor rpm settings with the multispeed gearbox Open Close

Rotor rpm setting

Easy rotor rpm settings with the multispeed gearbox

Working speed could be easily set by changing the gears inside the PTO gearbox. The user may select the most suitable rotor rpm according to soil conditions.

Enlarged rear rollers for optimal seedbed preparation Open Close


Enlarged rear rollers for optimal seedbed preparation

The rear rollers are characterized by a greater width than the rotor allowing a perfect seedbed levelling.

Side gear drive in oil bath Open Close

Side gear drive

Side gear drive in oil bath

3 heavy duty gear drives running in a sealed oil unit to give constant lubrication during work  and to ensure high performance even in prolonged and hard soil tillage.

Low maintenance Open Close


Low maintenance

The new Duo-Cone sealing system guarantees reliability without the need for maintenance. You can achieve at least 50% longer life from the Duo-Cone system than standard sealing systems in the most demanding working environments.
The sealing system is completely waterproof or “amphibious” allowing the rotor and bearing to run in its own oil supply, this allows the rotor to work and be reliable in the dustiest of environments or even work immersed in water and yet the seals will still prevent water and dust ingress into the rotor and hubs.

Strengthen Windingshape levelling bonnets Open Close

SC Maccarese14.07.2005 06

Strengthen Windingshape levelling bonnets

The levelling bonnet comes as standard complete with a sprung mechanical rod that puts constant downward pressure on the bonnet and acts as a shock absorber protecting the bonnet from damage, whist working in stony conditions. The springs on the pressure rod that is connected to the rear levelling bonnet increase the machine stability at work.

Long life bearings Open Close


Long life bearings

Each bearing has a double rail consisting of two rows of spherical or barrel bearings to cope with heavy workloads. Main Advantages: long Life (up to 30% longer life than traditional taper roller bearings), high load capacity, easy maintenance.


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