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88-140 kW (120-190 HP)

SANDOKAN is a seedbed cultivator with 2 ranks of spring tines (8 per meter) projected to refine seedbed on great soil extensions. The machine breaks up clods in first 10 cm of soil; wide delta tip (250 mm) has an action of modest soil turning and aeration, useful for controlling weeds and partially burying crop residues on autumn tillage. Sequence of front blade, cage roller, spring tines and crosskill roller matches a high working speed with optimal soil refinement. 

Profundidad de trabajo
Anchura de trabajo
Anchura de carretera
400 88-110 / 120-150 10 400 300 16
500 103-125 / 140-170 10 500 300 20
600 118-140 / 160-190 10 600 300 24
  • Two-points linkage CAT.3 ISO/ASAE and K700 Kirovets
  • Hydraulic folding frame
  • Mechanical adjustment of working depth
  • 400/60-15.5 transport wheels
  • Front cage roller Ø 400
  • Two sections of vibrating “delta” tines 250mm
  • Rear double crosskill roller Ø 350
  • Soil containment side shield
  • Lighting and warning board kit


  • Rear finishing bar 
  • Front levelling bar 
  • Braking axle with oil braking system 
  • Braking axle with air braking system 



Spring tine with "Delta" tip Open Close

SATANA delta tine300

Spring tine with "Delta" tip

Each elastic tine is linked to the frame through a double coil spring, which confers to the element a continuous vibration resulting in high soil crumbling. Delta tip has a certain effect of soil turning, favorable to control weeds emerged after primary tillage or to spread crop residues in tilled layer.


Crosskill roller Open Close


Crosskill roller

This roller with toothed profile matches a perfect refining of seedbed after elastic shank tillage. Its light downpressure action gives to tilled soil all ideal properties for a good seed emergence.

Rear Cart Open Close

rear cart

Rear Cart

This machinery is provided with an hydraulic lifting rear cart, with large 400/60-15.5 tires, to make easier transportation. During soil tillage wheels can be lifted to avoid any compaction of tilled soil.

Heavy duty frame Open Close


Heavy duty frame

The mainframe is constructed out of a high quality tube steel assembled through robotic welding that easily handles the demands of any working condition. 4 powerful hydraulic cylinders can fold quickly the frame to allow easy transportation on the road.


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