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S MARIA seed drill is ideal choice for minimum tilled soils: frame and units are extremely sturdy, high soil clearance and unit disposition on 3 ranks allow to operate also on abundant crop residues. On SC version is possible to deliver seed and fertilizer on the same furrow.

250 14,7-13,8 17-18
300 13,6-12 22-25
350 14-12,5 25-28
400 14,3-12,5 28-32
  • Semeador mecânico com rolos doseadores de plástico para sementes pequenas e grandes
  • Engate de 3 pontos cat. II
  • Assulcadores dispostos em 3 fileiras
  • Caixa de velocidades cam a banho de óleo
  • Transmissão simples
  • Regulação centralizada profundidade de sementeira
  • Roda de transmissão 6.00 - 16 (versão 250-300)
  • Tremonha com indicador para controlo do nível sementes
  • Grada con plataforma acoplada
  • Controlo de calibragem
  • Raspadeiras nas rodas motrizes
  • Kit luzes (desmontado)
  • Distribuidores hidráulicos tractor: max 2
  • Todas as versões são produzidas com tremonha sobrelevada adequada para sementeira em terrenos inclinados
  • Capacidade de tremonha: sementes - l adubo - l
  • S250 460
  • S300 620
  • Capacidade de tremonha: sementes - l adubo - l
  • SC250 260 200
  • SC300 340 280
  • Marcador de linhas não incluído
  • Supplement towing kit Mounted origin) 
  • Supplement towing kit SC (original equipment) 
  • S Towing kit (disassembled) 
  • Towing SC Kit (removed) 
  • Supplement for wheels 10.0 / 75 (provided the source) 250-300 
  • Transformation wheels 6.00 to 10.0 / 75250-300 
  • Track eradicator machines only courses (4 pieces) 
  • Hydraulic row marker 250, 300, 360, 400 (version flow) 
  • Hydraulic row marker 250, 300, 360, 400 (trailed) 
  • Adjusting hydraulic seeding depth 
  • Trainer front springs to 9 (version 250 range) 
  • Trainer 11 front springs (version 300 range) 
  • Separators hopper 250-300 (one piece) 
  • Hopper for erbai 250, 300, 360, 400 
  • hectare meter mechanical 
  • Harrow straight teeth 250, 360 (supplied separately) 
  • Harrow teeth rights 250.360 (originally supplied) 
  • Harrow straight teeth 300, 400 (supplied separately) 
  • Harrow straight teeth 300, 400 (originally supplied) 
  • Suspended platform (250-300)
Born for minimum tillage Open Close

sc maria 1300px

Born for minimum tillage

Strong structure and heavy duty transmission allows this machine to easily cope with minimum tilled soils. Solid seeding units with long arm are disposed on three wide-spaced ranks: this reduces risk of crop residues clogging that can occur in worst minimum tillage conditions.  

Fast depth adjustment Open Close


Fast depth adjustment

Seeding depth can be quickly adjusted through a mechanical or hydraulic system acting on sowing bar angle.

GASPARDO gearbox - Easy and precise Open Close

Sezione Cambio 3 camme

GASPARDO gearbox - Easy and precise

  • Our 3 cam transmission design allows us to acquire maximum accuracy versus many competitors that have a two cam design.
  • Calibration is very time saving using our one handle lever to set the rate.
  • All of our cams and bearings on the gearbox run in an oilbath so that you do not have to worry about greasing them.

Seeding unit Open Close

assolcatori S MAria

Seeding unit

Three options are available to make drill machine suited to work on a wide range of soil conditions.


“R” ROW UNIT. Double coil spring allows the shank to have a good range of side and vertical oscillation: this makes the element perfect for stony or cloddy soils.   


“L” ROW UNIT. Adjustable load spring can adjust this element to operate in a wide range of conditions, from softer to firmer soils.  


DOUBLE DISC. This unit is suitable for minimum tillage and to work with high quantity of crop residues. Aggressive action of discs and adjustable load spring are useful in tougher soils; maintenance is minimal thanks to “Super Seal” bearings.  


Save time and money with combined distribution! Open Close

distributori inox

Save time and money with combined distribution!

SC model thanks to dual stainless steel distributor and independent gearboxes can deliver in the furrow both seed and fertilizer. This choice speeds up field times and can reduce operational costs.


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