PRECISION PLANTER FOR DIRECT PLANTING (corn-sunflower-sugarbeet-soibean)

REGINA is for seeding on firm ground, with serrated front disc for furrow opening, double disc coulter and a pair of wheels for furrow closing. The central part of the unit is formed by a single piece to provide greater strength when it strikes the ground (+50%) and to be able to withstand side stress (+25%). Up to 300 kg pressure exercised on the ground. The vacuum system and the special adjustable selector ensure accuracy even with seeds having an uneven shape or size.

Version ROWS DISTANCE (CM) Weight (KG) Power Needed (HP)
4 75 1880 70 4
6 75 2220-2320 70-90 6
7 45 2440 80 7
8 75 3110 100 8
9 45 2950 100 9
  • Towed version with towing eye
  • Hydraulicaly lifted transport trolley with 13.0/55-16 wheels (10.0/75-15.3 twin wheels for 8 rows 75 cm version)
  • Double-bar frame with transport wheels at front
  • Transmission wheel 3x6.50 - 6 in protected position
  • Row spacing with quick configuration from 45 cm onwards
  • Oil-bath gearbox with hand lever and drive transmissions with drivelines
  • Hydraulic row marker with 450 mm diameter disc and ballast
  • Plastic fertilizer hopper 2x1000 lts. with inspection windows (4.3 m frame versions)
  • Plastic fertilizer hopper 1600 liters (frame up to 3.5 m versions)
  • Centralized adjustment SPEEDY SET for fertilizer dosers MINIMAX (version with fertilizer)
  • 432 mm Ø disc coulter for fertilizer (version with fertilizer)
  • 33-liter capacity steel microgranulator hopper (version with microgranulator)
  • 1' 3/8 Z6-Z6 constant speed PTO shaft (length 1565) with free wheel
  • Hydraulic row marker
  • Inspection footboard with folding steps (version with fertilizer or microgranulator)
  • Ø 406 mm disc coulter planting units
  • Lighting kit (disassembled)
  • Warning Boards
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Plastic distribution head cover (Long Life Core)
  • Internal scrapers
  • Ø 360 mm cast iron “V” press wheels
  • 1 standard seed plate per unit (specify type)
  • REGINA, 60 l hopper planting unit
  • Pair of V 1'-14' cast iron wheels
  • Trash wheels
  • Steel seed press wheel Ø 295 mm - not compatible with front seed coverer arms
  • Seeder carter kit
  • Kit inner soil scrapers
  • Pair of auxiliary coulters disc diam. 432mm (1r.+1l.) - included 
  • Pair of auxiliary coulters disc diam. 432mm (1r.+1l.) - supplied separately 
  • REGINA ballast kit 300 cm frame (included)
  • REGINA ballast kit 350 cm frame (included)
  • REGINA ballast kit 430 cm frame (included)
  • Complete right fertilization row kit
  • Complete left fertilization row kit
PTO transmission Open Close

PTO shaft 1

PTO transmission

The PTO shaft transfers rotary power through gear boxes to planting unit, replacing chains and sprockets that require maintenance before every planting season. The advantages of PTO unit transmission are:

  • No chains that must be serviced before every planting season.
  • No sprockets that need serviced, on average, every 3-5 years.
  • Ensuring a long service life from a totally sealed and maintenance free drive solution.
  • In-line clutch that allows for individual row shut-off.

Gear box with hand levers Open Close

cambio leve

Gear box with hand levers

The smart double-lever gear box makes possible to set seed population in just two moves! Thanks to its side position, user can select one from the 16 reduction ratios in the best comfort and absence of dust or grease.

Disc coulter Open Close

disco aprisolco frontale

Disc coulter

Unit front mounted disc coulter cuts hard soil under minimum or no-till conditions. The wave profile creates extremely fine 7/8” thick wide slot suitable for wet, dry and spongy soils where it can be difficult to close the furrow.

Trash wheels Open Close

trash wheels2

Trash wheels

The adjustable trash wheels clean the row from the crop residues. They prevent from uneven gauge wheels depth control and from trash burying on top of the row.

Singulators for the best accuracy Open Close

Selettore seme

Singulators for the best accuracy

The double seed singulator action can be checked from the back inspection window and it can be very quickly and easily adjusted according to the seed size and shape. Singulation is carried out on both sides of the seeding plate avoiding doubles and skips. Singulator adjustment allows delivery with high accuracy even using different hybrids of seeds without seed plate replacement.

Seeding tube Open Close

tubo discesa seme2

Seeding tube

Our unique seed tube design keeps the precise accuracy that comes from the meetering unit all the way into the furrow. Its special design prevents seed from bouncing during the drop.

SBS - Seed Braking System Open Close

seed braking system

SBS - Seed Braking System

When seed falls into the narrow V shape furrow it stops immediately, maintaining an even spacing and a great seed to soil contact. Falling seed speed decreases from 6 to 0 mph in less then 1/12 of second.

Beaver tail Open Close

Beaver tail

Beaver tail

Our unique closing wheel bracket (named the Beaver Tail) is constructed of a solid cast steel solution giving you unsurpassed strength and durability.  This helps to greatly reduce the chances of bending or twisting the closing wheel bracket while adding to the downforce of the closing wheels.  This closing wheel assymbly also has a dual cam adjustment just in case you ever need to re-allign the bracket.

Super scraper Open Close


Super scraper

The spring loaded Tungsten carbide scrapers carry out the disc cleaning in all conditions, muddy spots or unexpected shower will not affect anymore your productivity, no maintenance required. The scraper has a wear resistant Tungsten carbide profile for NON-STOP working. The Tungsten carbide scraper makes it very easy to plant in heavy soil conditions.

Self lubricant bushings Open Close

self lubricant bushings

Self lubricant bushings

Self-lubricating bushings release oil particles that lubricate the hinge points and are maintenance free.

Super seal Open Close

super seal

Super seal

The double row ball bearings are oversized and guarantee reliability in the most demanding working conditions including rocky soil. Long life is guaranteed by triple seal protection. The hub is dust proof which makes it ideal to work in wet conditions as well.

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