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96-147 kW (130-200 HP)
Fresas desdobráveis

Puma Cobra is a folding rotary tiller suited for medium to large farms and farm contractors. The disposition and tool design of its special rotor also allow operations in tougher working conditions, with excellent results also on hard and dry soils. Puma Cobra is available in 3 working widths (320, 370 and 420 cm) and can be coupled with tractors from 120 to 200 HP.

Largura de trabalho (cm)
Profundidade de trabalho
Numero di utensili 1 (COBRA)
320 96-147 / 130-200 328 353 27 104
370 110-147 / 150-200 378 403 27 120
420 125-147 / 170-200 428 453 27 136
  • Caixa de velocidades simples, 1000 rpm PTO
  • Rotações rotor 1000rpm: 345
  • Rotor COBRA com 4 facas por flange
  • Cardan central fixo e cardans laterais de embraisgem
  • Molas de ajuste do capot
  • Cilindros hidráulicos para regulação rolo
  • Dois ajustadores hidráulicos para levantamneto das unidades desdobráveis
  • Carretos laterais em banho de óleo
  • Transmissão com rolamentos protegidos contra agua
  • Engate universal de 3 pontos cat. III^
  • Frente flutuante
  • Âncora central
  • Kit traseiro central de sinalização
  • Par de patins
  • Protecções de segurança 'CE'
  • Par de apaga rastos com ajustamento por pernos e sistema de segurança por parafuso
  • Par de apaga rastos com ajustamento por pernos e sistema de segurança por mola
  • Patins ajustáveis para regulação da profundidade de trabalho
  • Kit protecção do carter
  • Disco recortado (Direito)
  • Disco recortado (Esquerdo)
Strengthen Windingshape levelling bonnets Open Close

SC Maccarese14.07.2005 06

Strengthen Windingshape levelling bonnets

The levelling bonnet comes as standard complete with a sprung mechanical rod that puts constant downward pressure on the bonnet and acts as a shock absorber protecting the bonnet from damage, whist working in stony conditions. The springs on the pressure rod that is connected to the rear levelling bonnet increase the machine stability at work.

Planetary gears system in oil bath Open Close


Planetary gears system in oil bath

Transmission comes through central T-box to the side gears and to reduce the speed a planetary gears system made by 4 tempered gears reduces the speed from 1000 rpm to 260 or 330 rpm (depending to the central T-box gearbox). The system is extremely reliable and maintenance free. Gears are lubricated with oil for the best performance in every soil condition and metal face seals are dust and water proof.

A machine designed for heavy application, growers worldwide had proven the reliability and capability of this machine, you can be the next!


Enlarged rear rollers for optimal seedbed preparation Open Close


Enlarged rear rollers for optimal seedbed preparation

The rear rollers are characterized by a greater width than the rotor allowing a perfect seedbed levelling.

Low maintenance Open Close


Low maintenance

The new Duo-Cone sealing system guarantees reliability without the need for maintenance. You can achieve at least 50% longer life from the Duo-Cone system than standard sealing systems in the most demanding working environments.
The sealing system is completely waterproof or “amphibious” allowing the rotor and bearing to run in its own oil supply, this allows the rotor to work and be reliable in the dustiest of environments or even work immersed in water and yet the seals will still prevent water and dust ingress into the rotor and hubs.