PRIMAVERA is ideal for planting on ground subjected to the minimum tillage method. It features a folding frame and pneumatic distribution, which guarantees an optimum result even on hillsides and with different types of seed. Long autonomy, sturdy construction and all-purpose use are the features of the PRIMAVERA model.

500 12,5 40
600 15 40-48
  • Three point hitch, cat. 3N
  • ISOBUS GENIUS MASTER system electric dosing drive
  • Tractor dipendent hydraulic fan drive
  • Gearbox oil cooler system with radiator
  • GPS Speed detection device
  • Sowing bar on 4 ranks
  • Single coulter pressure adjustment
  • External wings pressure regulation
  • The frame joints have a device which permits oscillating operations during work (with air chamber support wheels)
  • Floating frame nitrogen accumulator
  • Hopper capacity 1500 l
  • Calibration control
  • Calibration and emptying tray
  • Inspection footboard with ladder
  • Lighting kit (disassembled)
  • Warning boards (disassembled)
  • Row marker track in centre with Ø 450 mm disc and safety pin and inside overall work width
  • Row marker lock valves
  • Drive wheels 13.00/55 - 16 with double wheel track eradicators
  • Central dosing system with adjustment and dosing calibration “easy access” system
  • G1000 and F25-125 seed metering rollers
  • Deviator seed flow lever for seed calibration (automatic with GENIUS MASTER)
  • Slingshot for distributor exclusion
  • Electric seed level indicator
  • Tractor hydraulic distributors required: Min 2
  • Tractor power required:
  • Min 180 HP


  • Straight teeth harrow 500
  • Straight teeth harrow 600
  • Bent teeth harrow 400
  • Bent teeth harrow 450
  • Bent teeth harrow 500
  • Bent teeth harrow 600
  • Press wheel bar 400 32R
  • Press wheel bar 450 36R
  • Press wheel bar 500 40R
  • Press wheel bar 600 40R
  • Press wheel bar 600 48R
  • Covering harrow lock for transport
  • Row marker lock valves (500-600)
  • Additional single spring for wheel bar
  • Cultivator 500 (supplied with the machine) 
  • 600 Cultivator (supplied with the machine) 
  • Levelling bar *
  • Tractor track eradicator
  • Pair of additional wheel track eradicator seeder/tractor wheel
  • Hydraulic pre-emergence marker
  • Transf. from hydr. to mech. 540 rpm
  • Transf. from hydr. to mech. 1000 rpm
  • Motor reduction kit - mechanical activation
  • Floating frame nitrogen accumulator
  • Hydraulic attachments for hopper (only supplied w/ the machine 500-600)
  • Dosing roller N500 for medium quantities (max 200 kg/Ha), Soy
  • Hopper load 200 liters (only for versions 600)
  • Manual exclusion (per row)
  • External scraper kit for double disk
  • Seeding partializer 6+6 (Primavera 400 32R)
  • Seeding partializer 8+8 (Primavera 450 36R)
  • Seeding partializer 10+10 (Primavera 500 40R)
  • Seeding partializer 12+12 (Primavera 600 40R)
  • Electric total sowing exclusion (supplied with the machine)
  • Electric total sowing exclusion (supplied separately)
  • GENIUS LITE system - factory fitted
  • Electronic tramlines simple 2+2 electrical dosing - supplied assembled
  • Additional kit for 3+3 locking - supplied assembled
  • Electronic tramlines simple 2+2 electrical dosing - supplied disassembled
  • Additional kit for 3+3 locking - supplied disassembled
GASPARDO gearbox - Easy and precise Open Close

Sezione Cambio 3 camme

GASPARDO gearbox - Easy and precise

  • Our 3 cam transmission design allows us to acquire maximum accuracy versus many competitors that have a two cam design.
  • Calibration is very time saving using our one handle lever to set the rate.
  • All of our cams and bearings on the gearbox run in an oilbath so that you do not have to worry about greasing them.

Even depth control Open Close

Primavera regolazione profondit

Even depth control

The three section seeding bar frame follows uneven ground contours. The optional nitrogen accumulator device guarantees a great consistency with seed placement working on rolling terrains.

Setting the seeding depth is quick and easy:

  • Two jacks set the central section seeding depth
  • Two end wheels control depth of wings by pin adjustment




• The unit makes possible the distribution of seed and fertilizer with different granulate size, even in high quantities (theoretical maximum 350 kg/ha seed and 550 kg/ha fertilizer) in relation to sowing width and operation speed.

• Distribution unit is enclosed in cast aluminum with rust-proof stainless steel and polyethylene components.

• Continuous dosing variation by means of the gearbox.

• Large diameter roller for low rotation speed to guarantee precise distribution.

• Seed loading cells arranged in helical pattern to achieve a more even distribution.

• Feelers for precise distribution without damaging the seeds and knock-out of foreign bodies.

• Easy disengagement to avoid damages of pulpy and fragile seeds.

• Cleaning unit for oily seeds.

• Distribution roller for small seeds with independent distribution rings to better manage different seed typology and rates.

• Easy hopper empting

Quick & easy calibration thanks to FLEXWINDOW device Open Close

flex window

Quick & easy calibration thanks to FLEXWINDOW device

Steps of calibration:

  • Place the calibration tray underneath the distributor (on the ground)
  • Push the calibration button
  • FLEXWINDOW revolves to deliver seeds into the tray
  • Keep pushing the calibration button until a good quantity of seeds have been delivered (the more seeds you collect the more precise the calibration will be)
  • Release the button
  • Automatically FLEXWINDOW returns in the start position
  • Weigh seeds excluding tare
  • Set weight value to Genius, cab control

Quick, easy, user friendly and dirt free!

BY-PASS Turbo air drill Open Close


BY-PASS Turbo air drill

The patented by-pass system guarantees a very consistent distribution, even in very hard conditions such as sowing on hills or distributing great rates of seeds, for example when sowing rice.

The air flow generated by the fan (A) is conveyed in the Venturi system (B) where seeds get into the distribution pipe.

The system is fitted with a dual bypass (D) which recover the blowing pressure in excess, using it in the mixing pipe (E) to increase turbulence: air and seeds are perfectly mixed together and evenly distributed among the outlet hoses (F).

This design guarantees a 20% improvement in seed population consistence.