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MASCHIO designed a full range of rigid and folding units. PRESTO mixes soil and residues at depths up to 5”. The 18” or 20” discs with their inclination and concavity allow to get the depth and to throw much more dirt than conventional tillers. PRESTO can replace a conventional disc, field cultivator and rolling straw chopper all at once.

Version Discs (⌀/N.) Power Needed (HP)
400 32 100-160 13 10 4 20
500 40 125-200 16½ 10 4 20
600 48 150-240 20 10 4 20
  • 2 point hitch III cat. ISO/ASAE e K700 
  • Hydraulic folding frame 
  • Roller with pin adjustment
  • Adjustable transport wheels 400/60-15.5
  • Lighting kit and warning boards
  • 2 ranks of Ø 18 in. independent toothed discs
  • On demand low tooth profile discs
  • Tractor's hydraulic distributors: min 2
  • Air braking system
  • Oil braking system
  • Rear containment right disc
  • Front containment left disc
  • Front leveling bar PRESTO FOLDING 400, 500, 600
  • 20 in. Ø discs PRESTO FOLDING 400, 500, 600
Folding Frame Open Close

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Folding Frame


Folding PRESTO can be mounted, semi-mounted or pull-type, with a hydraulic folding frame and working widths from 13 to 20 ft. 
Frame folding/unfolding, wheel lifting/lowering are all hydraulically operated from the tractor cab.



Wide range of rear rollers Open Close


Wide range of rear rollers

PRESTO speed disc could be matched with four types of rear rollers for every working condition:

  1. CAGE roller (18 in. Ø) optimal to determine a soft seedbed.
  2. RUBBER roller (20 in. Ø) makes subsoil reconsolidation preserving soil moisture.
  3. PACKER roller (24 in. Ø) guarantees a great soil levelling, refinement and surface reconsolidation.
  4. RING roller (24 in. Ø) re-consolidates the soil in strips ensuring a good water drainage to crop roots

Disc design and setting Open Close


Disc design and setting

PRESTO disc harrow is equipped by concave, notched and large discs (18 or 20 in.). The perfect disc overlapping permits a uniform soil turnover on all working width.

Draw bar Open Close


Draw bar

PRESTO can be equipped with a heavyduty 2” towing eye drawbar. Drawbar inclination can be comfortably adjusted from tractor seat just acting on the hydraulic cylinder to ensure maximum stability in transport and to adjust discs gangs down-pressure on the run.

Containing discs Open Close

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Containing discs

Large containing dics placed at each side of ranges avoid ridges between passes. The side discs can be easily set removing manually a bolt.

Ballast to increase soil tillage Open Close


Ballast to increase soil tillage

Three ballast kits of 125 kilos each are easily applicable on the frame to increase working depth. This optional is recommended on heavy or no-tilled soils in order to improve soil turnover without reducing working speed and daily working capacity.

Maintenance free Silent Block System Open Close

Silent block rubber spring

Maintenance free Silent Block System

Four rubber SILENT BLOCKS are interposed between the frame and the discs. This system connection does not require any maintenance and protects the unit from stone damages.

Agronomic insight Open Close

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Agronomic insight

PRESTO is designed to accomplish several actions in the field:

  • Residue sizing – Aggressive notched blades slice through crop residue to effectively size it for rapid decomposition.
  • Residue blending – The high-speed rotation of the discs turns the soil while chopping residue. This results in an ideal mixture of tilled soil with properly sized residue.
  • Oxygen introduction/warming – As the soil and residue are mixed, oxygen enters the tilled zone and in cooler soils the action also warms the seed zone for rapid crop rooting and emergence.
  • Activation of soil bacteria – Machinery doesn't break down crop residue as the soil bacteria does. When soil is warmed and oxygen is introduced, soil bacteria becomes active and feeds on crop residue. During this process, the residue decomposes and the nutrients become available for new plantings.
  • Finishing – Consolidating the soil/residue mix helps bacteria break down residue better. The consolidated surface also produces an ideal seedbed, prevents erosion and creates a capillary effect to preserve moisture.

One-pass combination Open Close


One-pass combination


The COMPAGNA seed box can be mounted on PRESTO rear roller to sow any type of seed in a single pass. It
can be used for numerous cropping applications: to sow wheatgrass, hay, canola and cover crops. The 3 cams gearbox (mechanically driven by Presto rear roller) runs the metering system with a constant transmission speed
getting a distribution rate from 2 to 223 lbs/acre. The fluted feed cup fitted with a two sector sprocket dosing roller
can distribute both small and large seeds with extreme accuracy. The 75° seeding tubes spread seeds between the
rear disc gang and roller around 8 in. off the ground (adjustable inclination and height). The 8 or 10 bushels capacity hopper ensures great working autonomy and uniform feed.




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