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The PINTA model is characterized by the pneumatic distribution that guarantee uniformity of distribution uphill and with different types of seed. It’s ideal for contractors and large farm. Reliability, robustness, autonomy and ease of cleaning are the features most appreciated. PINTA offers working widths from 4 to 5 m and a hopper of 1000 l. The base model is equipped with transmission mec¬canica, is available on request electrical transmission LITE GENIUS. PINTA 600 is the top of the range width 6 m, reinforced frame, hopper 1500 the electricity transmission LITE GENIUS series. PINTA SC is the model with the distributor of seed and fertilizer together, for customers who wish to apply seed and fertilizer at the same time with a pneumatic drill. Developed on the PINTA 600, it provides a 6 meters frame (40 or 48 units), a total of 1500 liter hopper (1000+500).

Versión Anchura de trabajo
CAPACIDAD TOLVA N toma de fuerza rpm
Anchura de carretera
Frame size (mm) Power Needed (HP)
400 400 1000 540 - 1000 250 4000 80-90 29-32
450 450 1000 540 - 1000 250 4500 80-90 29-32
500 500 1000 540 - 1000 250 5000 80-90 32-40
600 600 1500 540 - 1000 250 6000 120-140 40-48
600 SC 600 1500 540 - 1000 250 6000 120-140 40-48
  • Pneumatic seed drill with centralized distributor and continuous
  • gearbox, pneumatic seed delivery
  • Three point hitch, cat. II
  • 540 rpm PTO fan drive (specify in order if the 1000 rpm PTO is
  • required)
  • Single coulter pressure adjustment
  • Drive wheels 26x12.00-12; 31x15.5-15
  • Hopper with window for seed level check
  • Hopper capacity: 1000 l; 1500 l
  • Electric seed level indicator
  • Slingshot for distributor exclusion
  • Folding inspection footboard
  • Calibration control
  • Calibration and emptying tray
  • Hydraulic row marker (on wheel tractor track)
  • Seed covering harrow
  • Lighting kit (disassembled)
  • Warning boards (disassembled)
  • DOSING ROLLERS: G1000 mounted, F25-125 and N500 supplied


  • 1” 3/8 Z6-Z6 PTO shaft free wheel (length 915)
  • Tractor wheel track eradicator (4 pieces)


  • R4 1” 3/8 Z6-Z6 constant PTO shaft speed, free wheel (length 1565)
  • 1” 3/8 Z6-Z6 PTO shaft (length 700)
  • Tractor wheel track eradicator (4 pieces) and seeding wheel positioned
  • behind the seed drill’s wheel (2 pieces)

Tractor hydraulic distributors required:

  • Carried version: minimum 2
  • Trailed version: minimum 3


  • 33/16; 36/18: 40/20; 48/24 row distribution head cover
  • 540; 1000 rpm PTO kit (disassembled)
  • Stainless steel box for microgranulated fertilizer (supplied with the machine)
  • Stainless steel box for microgranulated fertilizer (supplied with the machine)
  • Depth gauge wheel for single and corex disc (per row)
  • Suffolk coulter depth limiter (each row) 
  • Strip planting coulter (each row)
  • Manual exclusion (per row)
  • Transformation kit from mounted to trailed
  • Controlled hydraulic circuit kit (supplied separately)
  • Independent hydraulic circuit kit (supplied separately)
  • Supplementary steps 
  • Electric seed delivery cut-off kit (supplied separately)
  • Electric seeding shut-off (supplied with the machine)
  • Electronic balance (max 70 kg) 
  • Seed delivery cut-off:
  • 6+6 (400 29R)
  • 7+7 (400 32R e 450 29R)
  • 8+8 (450 32R)
  • 9+9 (450 36F e 500 32R)
  • 10+10 (500 36R)
  • 11+11 (500 40R)
  • Electronic tramlines simple 2+2 electrical dosing - supplied assembled
  • Additional kit for 3+3 locking - supplied assembled 





• The unit makes possible the distribution of seed and fertilizer with different granulate size, even in high quantities (theoretical maximum 350 kg/ha seed and 550 kg/ha fertilizer) in relation to sowing width and operation speed.

• Distribution unit is enclosed in cast aluminum with rust-proof stainless steel and polyethylene components.

• Continuous dosing variation by means of the gearbox.

• Large diameter roller for low rotation speed to guarantee precise distribution.

• Seed loading cells arranged in helical pattern to achieve a more even distribution.

• Feelers for precise distribution without damaging the seeds and knock-out of foreign bodies.

• Easy disengagement to avoid damages of pulpy and fragile seeds.

• Cleaning unit for oily seeds.

• Distribution roller for small seeds with independent distribution rings to better manage different seed typology and rates.

• Easy hopper empting

BY-PASS Turbo air drill Open Close


BY-PASS Turbo air drill

The patented by-pass system guarantees a very consistent distribution, even in very hard conditions such as sowing on hills or distributing great rates of seeds, for example when sowing rice.

The air flow generated by the fan (A) is conveyed in the Venturi system (B) where seeds get into the distribution pipe.

The system is fitted with a dual bypass (D) which recover the blowing pressure in excess, using it in the mixing pipe (E) to increase turbulence: air and seeds are perfectly mixed together and evenly distributed among the outlet hoses (F).

This design guarantees a 20% improvement in seed population consistence.