120-220 kW

Pantera Cobra is a folding rotary tiller suitable for large farms and farm contractors. The disposition and tool design of its special rotor also allow operations in tougher working conditions, with excellent results also on hard and dry soils. Rotor is available also in “Condor” version, to work on stony soils without any issues. Pantera Cobra is available in 4 working widths (420, 470, 520 and 570 cm) and can be coupled with tractors from 160 to 300 HP

Working width
total width
Working depth
420 120-220 / 160-300 428 458 29 136
470 120-220 / 160-300 478 505 29 152
520 135-220 / 180-300 528 558 29 168
570 160-220 / 215-300 578 608 29 184
  • Central speed gearbox 1000 rpm PTO
  • Rotor revolutions (rpm): 330
  • PTO shaft with slip clutch (1” 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • Heavy duty side PTO shafts
  • Double side transmission with oil bath gears
  • Heavy duty barrel type bearings
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. III^
  • Swinging/rigid front bar hitches
  • Counter flanges for outer flanges (standard for Cobra version)
  • Bonnet spring adjusters
  • Hydraulic roller side adjusters
  • 2 +2 hydraulic adjuster for folding units lifting
  • Central eradicator
  • Small central share between the rollers
  • Transport width (folded): cm 249
  • Rear lights for transport
  • Double rear bonnet
  • «CE» safety guards
  • “Duo cone” waterproof sealings, oil bath lubrication
  • CONDOR rotor version available upon request
  • RH side disc
  • LH side disc
  • Adapter for “USA” type cat. II^ and III^ (quick hitch)
  • Counter flanges for inner flanges on Cobra 420-470
  • Counter flanges for inner flanges on Cobra 520-570 (order 2 units)
  • Price surcharge - heavy duty central PTO shaft 
  • Price surcharge for central gearbox PTO 1000 rpm with hand lever (2s) and with rear PTO; including gearbox oil cooler system 
  • Price surcharge for central gearbox with hand lever and drop box (to lower the PTO); including gearbox oil cooler system
Planetary gears system in oil bath Open Close


Planetary gears system in oil bath

The special epicyclic lateral drive with 4 gears in oil-bath matches excellent reliability and strength in a compact design. The stainless steel carter contains lubricating oil and has a structural function for the transmission.


Low maintenance Open Close


Low maintenance

The new Duo-Cone sealing system guarantees reliability without maintenance. You can achieve at least 50% longer life from the Duo-Cone system than standard sealing systems in the most demanding working environments.
The sealing system is completely waterproof or “amphibious” allowing the rotor and bearing to run in its own oil supply, this allows the rotor to work and be reliable in the dustiest of environments or even work immersed in water and yet the seals will still prevent water and dust ingress into the rotor and hubs.

Windingshape levelling bonnets Open Close

SC Maccarese14.07.2005 06

Windingshape levelling bonnets

The levelling bonnet comes as standard. it is adjustable by a mechanical jack in order to ensure a perfect levelled and smooth seedbed. The sturdy springs act as shock absorber and they increase the machine stability at work.

Long life bearings Open Close


Long life bearings

Special roller bearings with “barrel” self-orienting casing are the best solution to have both resistance (+30% compared to tapered bearings) and to be easy in use. For their installation no pre-load operation is required; their self-aligning capacity is the key for an outstanding reliability in any working condition!



Easy transport Open Close

narrow transport

Easy transport

The sturdy folding frame has 4 cylinders with over-center valves for opening/closing and ensures excellent performance and great stability (transport width: 8 ft.).



Wider rear rollers for optimal seedbed preparation Open Close


Wider rear rollers for optimal seedbed preparation

The rear rollers are wider than the rotor allowing a perfect seedbed refinement and levelling.




When there is the need to prepare extremely soft seedbed, it is possible to configure the machine using rear depth wheels instead of rear roller: this minimizes soil compacti on. In any case, working depth can be easily adjusted from the tractor cab with the hydraulic system.

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