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entre los elementos 26 cm, siembra estrecha (N)
entre los elementos 22 cm, siembra ancha (W)
entre las hileras 4 a 9 cm, siembra estrecha (N)
(con rueda aprietagranos la distancia mínima entre las hileras es de 7 cm)
entre las hileras 11 a 16 cm, siembra ancha (W)

El elemento OLIMPIA disponible en las dos versiones N y W se configura con varios tipos de ruedas y accesorios para adaptarlo mejor a los diferentes terrenos e hileras.

  • Enganche de 3 puntos con 1º y 2º punto oscilante II^ cat.
  • Bastidor tubular
  • Elemento para la siembra de balancín
  • Ruedas de transmisión 5.00 - 15 regulables
  • Discos de siembra, ruedas de compresión (incluidas)
  • Sistema de selección de doble control
  • Resorte de alivianado
  • Depresor
  • Aspirador semillas
  • Vacuómetro
  • Manómetro
  • Cardán 1” 3/8 Z6-Z6 (long. 700)
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20140317 Orietta 3


Gaspardo offers a full line of frame options; Rigid, folding, telescopic or stacker frames are only some of the different toolbars available. The innovative folding mechanism of the stacker toolbar hydraulically lifts the outer wings over the center section, keeping the seed and chemical hoppers upright for transport. When in the planting mode, the Hydraulic Compensation System permits the planter to hug rolling soil and maintaining accurate seed depth. Combining this flexibility with the ability to fold for transport in sec, you have a multi-veggie planting system designed to get to the field and get the job done.

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OLIMPIA planting unit

The model with double metering system planter, called OLIMPIA, was developed to off er maximum accuracy for twin row seeding. Various accessories adapt the machine to every soil type and crop, the stainless steel or rubber seed-press wheels are particularly interesting because they improve the seed-soil contact and crop emergence.

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Large diameter drive-wheels are adjustable on height in order to lift up the toolbar when planting on raised bed. Thanks to two pre-loaded springs each drive wheels can set in floating position ensuring a smooth seed disc revolution even on wet patches, ditches or extremely uneven terrain. The 36 ratio gearbox provides an infinitely variable population settings (from ⅕ inch and 21 ½ inches.) which allow the operator to achieve the picket fence stands that competitors do not offer. Setting changes can be made easily, without tools.

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Gdischi di semina ORIETTA3

Large diameter seed plates

The stainless steel seed disc can have a single, double or triple row of holes with a wide range of hole number (up to 180) diameters (from 0.5 mm) for every seed size from lettuce to cucumber. The discs have a large diameter and they rotate more slowly than other vacuum meters improving spacing precision and reducing parts wearing. Seed pick-up starts at the at the 4 o’clock position. Seed is exposed to the seed cell for a longer period of time, providing superior seed singling. Superior seed pick-up is provided as the combination of rotating agitator and the anti-overflow plate.

Vacuum disc cleaning and emptying system Open Close


Vacuum disc cleaning and emptying system

Vacuum is created by a PTO driven vacuum blower. The big diameter blower with 16 outlets runs at a slower speed, providing the same amount of vacuum pressure at the seed meter. The use-friendly sliding knob lets the operator regulate the vacuum level depending on the veggie to be planted. A convenient vacuum gauge located on the planter hitch gives a visual indication of the vacuum level from the cab. A standard secondary air system cleans out plugged disc holes blowing pressurized air to the backside of the seed plate. This air flow is previously purified from dust and debris by the standard filter. The vacuum emptying system allows you to easily clean out the hoppers and distributors from unused seeds. The flexible hose is connected to the vacuum blower and collects seeds in the hopper place on the 3-point hitch.



Adjustable seed covering system Open Close

adjustable seed covering

Adjustable seed covering system

On the field, without the use of tools, you can easily rotate the seed cover by hand to adapt furrow closure to the soil condions.

Coulter adjustments Open Close


Coulter adjustments

Parallelogram connection and press wheels Open Close


Parallelogram connection and press wheels

Each row unit is mounted on sturdy parallelogram linkage in order to provide great vertical travel and minimal twisting and bending effects. All pivoting points feature with self-lubricating bushings for maintenance-free performance. The 10 inches diameter front and rear press wheels are connected by a self-balancing system to follow every soil profile and minimize depth variation. Many types of press wheelsare available (stainless, soft or rigid rubber, mash metal) with adjustable and individual mud scrapers for clogging-free operations.




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