MECHANICAL SEED DRILL, TRANSPORT WIDTH 8 ft / 10 ft / 13 ft (cereal- rapeseed)

The model NINA features seed distribution by gravity. It is simple to use, reliable, sturdily built and requires very little maintenance.This model is suitable for 60 to 100 HP tractors.

250 12 560-640 21
300 12 624-760 25
400 12 1000-1240 33
  • Conventional mechanical seed drill
  • Three point hitch, cat. II
  • Fine and large dosing rollers combined for small and large seeds
  • Infinite gearshift with 3 oil-cooled cams
  • Wheels 6.50-15 with mud scrapers
  • Suffolk coulters arranged in 3 ranks
  • Suffolks replacement removing just one bolt
  • Hopper capacity
  • NINA 250 l 12 bu 
  • NINA 300 l 14 bu 
  • Tractor hydraulic distributors required: at least 1
  • Calibration and emptying tray
  • Anti clogging suffolks protection
  • Mechanical centralized coulters pressure adjustment
  • Seed box level indicator
  • Single transmission
  • Excluding seed hopper agitator
  • Half machine shut-off
  • Lighting kit (disassembled)
  • Row marker (not included)
  • Seed covering harrow not included
GASPARDO gear box- easy and precise Open Close

Sezione Cambio 3 camme

GASPARDO gear box- easy and precise

  • Our 3-cam transmission design allows us to acquire maximum accuracy versus many competitors that have a two cam design.
  • Calibration is very time saving using our one handle lever to set the rate.
  • All of our cams and bearings on the gearbox run in an oilbath so that you do not have to worry about greasing them

Sowing unit Open Close

seeding unit NINA

Sowing unit

Three options are available to make drill machine suited to work on a wide range of soil conditions.

SUFFOLK COULTER. Suitable for ground cultivated in the traditional way and with little stubble, even when the soil is very compact and stony. Positioning in well-spaced rows to increase the distance between planting units. Expendable components quickly replaced as they are screwed, not welded.

SINGLE DISC. Suitable for all types of soil, even when there is a lot of stubble. Constant control of the planting depth by means of an adjustable limiter or rubber wheel. The light pressure exercised on the seed encourages rapid germination.

COREX DISC. Suitable for loose soil, even when there is a lot of stubble. The planting depth is regulated by an adjustable rubber wheel which exercises a slight pressure on the furrow improving emergence. 

Multipurpose seed distributor Open Close


Multipurpose seed distributor

Distributors have a very simple design and can be adapted to many different crops. Passing from large to smaller seeds is easy as excluding larger seeds ring. Adjustable spring feeler is very gentle with seed and preserves its viability for the best success of planting operation.

Fast depth adjustment Open Close


Fast depth adjustment

Seeding depth can be quickly adjusted through a mechanical or hydraulic system acting on sowing bar angle.


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