The folding trailed frame, with 2 floating sections, even adapts well to ground that is not perfectly flat. The front folding design reduces the transport width to 6.0 m.

16 70-75 6600-7420 16
18 70-75 7000-7800 18
24 45-50 7900-9040 24
  • MTR Planting Unit
  • Plastic distribution head cover (Long Life Core)
  • Disc coulter Ø 355 mm
  • Seed hopper capacity: 60 liters
  • Front transmission wheels 6.50 x 15
  • Monitor SERIO

  • FRAME:
  • Pair of wheels 560/60 22.5
  • 3+3 frame wheel track eradicator
  • 2 seed drill hitches for Metro 16-18-24
  • Hydraulic system
  • Centralized fan for precision planters with homokinetic PTO shaft
  • PTO shaft with 1”3/4 Z20, 1”3/8 Z21, 1”3/8 Z6, Z8-Z6 tractor side joke, length 1381 mm, with free wheel
  • Hydraulic row marker track in center
  • Transport width 6 m
  • Frame with double effect cylinders and nitrogenus accumulators seeding hitchs.
  • 12V, 5 liters compressor
  • Fan assembly for MT seed drill 8-9-12 rows (without cardan) 
  • Hydraulic row marker for MT 8-9-12 rows frame 
  • Pair of frame extensions length 290 mm, frame size 150x150 
  • Hydraulic fan transm. (Distributors required 5)
  • Price surcharge for 75 or 50 cm interrow 
  • Cable extension V1200 – 5 meters 
  • Conveyor kit 12 outlets 
  • Adjustable clod pusher with indipendent coulter 
  • “V” 1” - 14” shaped wheels holder 
  • “V” 1” - 14” shaped wheels holder 
  • Pair of V 1”-14” cast iron wheels 
  • Pair of V 1”-14” rubber wheels 
  • Frame with 2 seed drill hitches (w/o fan) 
  • Fan with cardan



Bushings Open Close

self lubricant bushings


Self-lubricating bushings release oil particles that lubricate the hinge points and are maintenance free.

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tubo discesa seme2

Seeding Tube

Our improved seed tube design keeps the precise accuracy that comes from the meetering unit all the way into the furrow. Its special design prevents seed from bouncing during the drop.

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super seal

Super Sealed Hub

The double row ball bearings are oversized and guarantee reliability in the most demanding working conditions including rocky soil. Long life is guaranteed by triple seal protection. The hub is dust proof which makes it ideal to work in wet conditions as well.

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seed braking system

SBS - Seed Braking System

When seed falls into the narrow V shape furrow it stops immediately, maintaining an even spacing and a great seed to soil contact. Falling seed speed decreases from 10 to 0 km/h (6 to 0 mph) in less then 1/12 of second.

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Super Scraper

The scraper has a wear resistant Tungsten carbide profile for NON-STOP working. The Tungsten carbide scraper makes it very easy to plant in heavy soil conditions.


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