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The highly flexible folding trailed frame split into 3 sections follows the contours of the ground with an overall range of 16 degrees, keeping planting depth constant across all units. The quick folding design means the machine can fold up to a transport width of 6.0 m.

версия Междурядное расстояние (см) Емкость бункера удобрения (л) ВЕС (кг) Кол-во рядов
36 70 - 15900 36
36 SPANDICONCIME 70 7500 18200 36
  • Folding trailed frame (towing eye Ø 50 mm), 3 sections with floating wings
  • 180x180 mm (7”) Bar
  • Transport on rubber tracks 420x1200 mm
  • Transmission system driven by mechanical transmission wheels
  • Monitor to control the planting units from the cab
  • Transport width 6 m (36 rows 70)
  • Transport length 15 m (36 rows 70)
  • Transport height 3,5 m
  • Transport ground clearance 0,7 m
  • MTR Planting Unit
  • Plastic distribution head cover (Long Life Core)
  • 60 liter seed hopper
  • Disc coulter Ø 355 mm
  • 1” x 14” shaped rubber press wheel
  • AIR SPRING - Central adjustment of the load for the seeding units by air springs
  • Electronic balance (fertilizer versions)
  • Without row-markers
  • Automatic parallel steering system
  • Towbar
  • Circuit with 4 double effect distributors (SCV) and the following hydraulic connections: one without pressure D (DRAIN), one for oil return T (TANK).



  • Transmission system driven by hydraulic motors in three sections (factory fitted)



Tracks reduce soil compaction Open Close

Maximetro track

Tracks reduce soil compaction

The track system with triple support design evenly distributes the weight all across the track. No  flat tires, less soil compaction, and building up when steering thanks to the idler movement. The track assembly is reliable and virtually maintenance free. Rubber track reduces compaction even in extremely muddy or wet soil conditions. Thanks to its wide contact surface, the track system minimizes soil structure degradation and deep compaction effect.

ARM STRONG (ТМ) Open Close



Высевающий аппарат MTR предназначен для работы в тяжелых условиях и на высоких скоростях. Все детали параллелограммного механизма крепления высевающего аппарата к раме изготоваливаются из высокопрочных сортов стали. Конструкция позволяет выдерживать большие крутящие и изгибающие нагрузки, удары, которые возникают при тяжелых рабочих условиях.

Trash wheels Open Close

trash wheels2

Trash wheels

The adjustable trash wheels clean the crop residues away. They prevent from uneven gauge wheels depth control and from trash burying on top of the row.

Trash wheels effect

Семяпровод Open Close

tubo discesa seme2


Специальная конструкция семяпровода не дает семенам отскакивать при падении. Зажим семяпровода устраняет вибрации и минимизирует износ.

Самосмазывающиеся подшипники Open Close

self lubricant bushings

Самосмазывающиеся подшипники

Самосмазывающиеся композитные втулки не требуют технического обслуживания. 

PTO Shaft Drive Open Close

PTO shaft 1

PTO Shaft Drive

Forget chains, lubrication and dust wear. No fear while working on high residues, corn stalks can’t damage it. The PTO shaft drive guarantees an even seed plate rotation with no maintenance needed. Maximum reliability with user friendly operation!

Air spring Open Close

Air spring

Air spring

The air spring device allows to adapt down-pressure to field conditions. Cab controls on Trimble equipped planters allow to adjust the down-pressure from 250 up to 450 pounds per row.

Seed Singulator Open Close

Selettore seme

Seed Singulator

The double seed singulator action can be checked from the back inspection window and it can be very quickly and easily adjusted. Singulation is carried out on both sides of the seeding plate holes avoiding seed doubles regardless of inconsistency in shape and size. Singulator adjustment allows delivery with high accuracy even using different hybrids of seeds without seed plate replacement.

Суперчистик Open Close



Чистики оборудованы износостойкими пластинами, изготовленными из карбида вольфрама, и предназначены для безостановочной работы.

Beaver Tail Open Close

Beaver tail

Beaver Tail

Our unique closing wheel bracket (named the Beaver Tail) is constructed of a solid cast steel solution giving you unsurpassed strength and durability.  This helps to greatly reduce the chances of bending or twisting the closing wheel bracket while adding to the downforce of the closing wheels.  This closing wheel assymbly also has a dual cam adjustment just in case you ever need to re-allign the bracket.

Hydraulic transmission Open Close

Trasmissione idraulica

Hydraulic transmission

Hydraulic driving system to quickly change revolutions in relation to seed population. This transmission allows variable seed rate according to distribution maps.

Front disc Open Close

disco aprisolco frontale

Front disc

Unit front mounted disc coulter cuts into hard soil in reduced till conditions. The wave profile creates extremely fine 7/8” thick wide slot suitable for wet, dry and spongy soils where it can be difficult to close the furrow.

Система SBS (Seed Braking System)TM - Система торможения семян Open Close

seed braking system

Система SBS (Seed Braking System)TM - Система торможения семян


Высеивание семян без отскока
Специальная конструкция трубки предотвращает отскакивание семян при падении. Фиксирующий зажим идеально центрирует трубку, не давая ей соприкасаться с дисковыми боронами. Отсутствие вибраций повышается точность высевания отдельных семян, сопровождаемых до самой укладки в борозду.



Идеальный контакт семян с почвой Open Close

super seal

Идеальный контакт семян с почвой

Дисковые сошники диаметром 420 мм и толщиной 4 мм создают очень узкую V-образную борозду, способствующую всхожести семян.


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