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Version ROWS DISTANCE (CM) Weight (KG) Power Needed (HP)
12 70-75 4440 220 12
18 45 5200 220 18
  • MTS Planting Unit(Super Seal MT)with WIDIA soil scraper
  • 1000 rpm PTO
  • 1'3/4 Z20, 1'3/8 Z21, 1' 3/8 Z6, Z8 - Z6 fan PTO shaft with yoke (length 900 mm, with free wheel)
  • Hydraulic row marker track in center and retracting
  • 1 standard seed plate each row (specify seed type)
  • 'V' shaped rubber press wheels (specify type)
  • Seed hopper 36 l
  • Vacuum gauge
  • 45 cm version with seed knocker (disassembled)
  • Double drive transmission
  • Pair of transmission gears
  • 6.50/80-15 transmission wheels (version with 12 rows)
  • 5.00/80 - 15 transmission wheels (version with 18 rows)
  • Three point hitch with fixed 1st and 2nd points, cat. III and IV
  • IN TRANSPORT (towed version)
  • Two-point hitch with fixed points, cat. III
  • Integrated trailer wheels 10.0/75-15.3 - (towed version)
  • Tractor hydraulic distributors required: - Min 2
  • Monitor SERIO
  • Tractor power HP (kW), integrated trailer version:
  • 180-200(130-150) micro base versions
  • 220-240(160-180) expansion,expansion/micro and 18 rows version
  • Tractor power HP (kW), Light version:
  • 180-200(130-150) 12 rows and 18 rows base version
  • 200-220(150-160) 18 rows fertilizer spreader version
  • (#) Steel fertilizer
  • Integrated trailer (lighting kit and 10.0/75-15.3 wheels included ) supplied disassembled
  • Road transport trailer (lighting kit and steering wheels included)
PTO Shaft Drive Open Close

cardano MT

PTO Shaft Drive

Forget chains, lubrication and dust wear.

No fear while working on high residues, corn stalks can’t damage it.

The PTO shaft drive guarantees an even seed plate rotation with no maintenance needed.

Maximum reliability with user friendly operation!

Super Scraper Open Close


Super Scraper

The scraper has a wear resistant Tungsten carbide profile for NON-STOP working. The Tungsten carbide scraper makes it very easy to plant in heavy soil conditions.

Seed Singulator Open Close

Selettore seme

Seed Singulator

The double seed singulator action can be checked from the back inspection window and it can be very quickly and easily adjusted. Singulation is carried out on both sides of the seeding plate holes avoiding seed doubles regardless of inconsistency in shape and size. Singulator adjustment allows delivery with high accuracy even using different hybrids of seeds without seed plate replacement.

Bushings Open Close

self lubricant bushings


Self-lubricating bushings release oil particles that lubricate the hinge points and are maintenance free.

Seeding Tube Open Close

tubo discesa seme2

Seeding Tube

Our improved seed tube design keeps the precise accuracy that comes from the meetering unit all the way into the furrow. Its special design prevents seed from bouncing during the drop.

Trash wheels Open Close

trash wheels2

Trash wheels

The adjustable trash wheels clean the crop residues away. They prevent from uneven gauge wheels depth control and from trash burying on top of the row.

Trash wheels effect

Super Sealed Hub Open Close

super seal

Super Sealed Hub

The double row ball bearings are oversized and guarantee reliability in the most demanding working conditions including rocky soil. Long life is guaranteed by triple seal protection. The hub is dust proof which makes it ideal to work in wet conditions as well.

SBS - Seed Braking System Open Close

seed braking system

SBS - Seed Braking System

When seed falls into the narrow V shape furrow it stops immediately, maintaining an even spacing and a great seed to soil contact. Falling seed speed decreases from 10 to 0 km/h (6 to 0 mph) in less then 1/12 of second.

Front disc Open Close

disco aprisolco frontale

Front disc

Unit front mounted disc coulter cuts into hard soil in reduced till conditions. The wave profile creates extremely fine 7/8” thick wide slot suitable for wet, dry and spongy soils where it can be difficult to close the furrow.


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