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Iena is an elastic tines seedbed tiller ready to be coupled with “Dama” combined seed drill. Frame with “quick match” system allows to easy set up combined machine, side protections separate single passages and 2 or 3 ranks configuration confers to machine a compact structure. Comparing to combined seed drill + power harrow, this solution allows to enhance operating speed, reduce power requirement, get more productivity and reduced costs. Obviously soil type and primary preparation has to be compatible with tillage made by elastic tines.

Profundidad de trabajo
Springs Working width (cm) Ranks
300-2 55-110 / 75-150 10 18 300 2
300-3 55-110 / 75-150 10 27 300 3
400-2 85-110 / 115-150 10 24 400 2
400-3 85-110 / 115-150 10 36 400 3
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. II^
  • 3 row spring group
  • Soil containment side shield
  • Predisposition for combination with GASPARDO seed drill mod.DAMA
  • Front levelling bar
  • Pair of track eradicators with pin adjustment and safety shear bolt


Combined passive tillage seed drill Open Close


Combined passive tillage seed drill

Iena model allows to apply concept of passive tillage to small dimension combined seed drills. This kind of machine is well suited to light soil and  allows to reduce production costs, power and lifting capacity of tractor; but at the same time increases working speed and hourly productivity.

Perfect combination with the QUICK-MATCH system Open Close


Perfect combination with the QUICK-MATCH system

QUICK-MATCHTM is the connection system for fix, combi power harrows and seed drills. Plastic buffers are applied on the power harrow roller in order to shift the seeder load to the roller. This equipment avoids damages on stony soils and keeps constant the sowing depth even on hilly soils.

Tines tillage Open Close

iena denti

Tines tillage

Seedbed preparation is performed by 2 or 3 ranks of elastic tines: 10 tines per meter (on the 3 ranks) are the guarantee for total tillage of the soil front. Spacing of 300 mm between tines of the same rank avoids residues congestion even at maximum working depth. According to surface conditions efficacy of residues burying varies from 40 to 70%.     

Front bar Open Close

iena barra

Front bar

A front bar levels and prepares soil for the action of elastic tines: height and angle of this element can be quickly adjusted by pins.


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