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The HS is a professional row-crop cultivator that combines a high level of autonomy, thanks to the large hopper also available in stainless steel (950 l), with a minimal overall dimension on the road (2.50 m). The pneumatic delivery of the fertilizer on the side rows assures distribution evenness.  The hydraulic closing of the wings guarantees maximum comfort for the operator. HS is available with a winning solution for inter-row cultivation: GUIDA INTELLIGENTE. It is an independent assembly fitted between the tractor and the row-crop cultivator that automatically drives the machine according to the crop rows – no manual intervention is required. Driving is managed by a sophisticated interface system with a camera that follows one or more of the crop rows to be worked, controlling a highly reactive electro-hydraulic correction system.

версия Междурядное расстояние (см) ВЕС (кг) FRAME (CM)
HS-12F 45 1270 692
HS-12F MAIS 75 1620 944
HS-4F MAIS 75 790 422
HS-6F 45 910 422
HS-6F MAIS 75 1080 551
HS-7F MAIS 75 1149 551
HS-8F MAIS 75 1120 692
  • Three point hitch with fixed 1st and 2nd points, cat. II
  • Road transport protections
  • Iron wheels to regulate the working depth of the element with ball bearings
  • 12 rows 75 cm versions - transport width 3,83 m
  • 16 rows 75 cm versions - transport width 5,23 m
  • 18 rows 70 cm versions - transport width 5,23 m