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GRATOR is a vibrotiller for seedbed cultivation: in just one pass front bar levels soil, many elastic tines (10 per meter) refine it; the double cage roller levels ridges and furrows left from tillage. Frame is light but extremely strong, up to 6 m mounted and up to 12 m pull type versions are available.

Глубина обработки
Larghezza di lavoro
Ingombro stradale
Кол-во лап КОЛЕСА
1200 228-250 / 310-340 10 1200 350 121 500/45-22.5
250 51-66 / 70-90 10 250 250 25 -
300 59-73 / 80-100 10 300 300 29 -
450 81-96 / 110-130 10 450 250 46 -
600 103-125 / 140-170 10 600 250 61 -
900 169-184 / 230-250 10 900 350 91 500/45-22.5
  • Уплотняющий трубчатый каток Ø 300 для версий 250, 300, 450, 600
  • Ø 400 для версий 900 и 1200
  • Измельчающий пластинчатый каток с регулируемым давлением Ø 420
  • 3-х точечная навеска (для моделей 300, 450, 600) кат. II
  • Регулируемая по высоте выравнивающая пластина
  • Транспортное устройство для версий 900 и 1200
  • Колеса контроля глубины для версий 900 и 1200
  • Тяговое дышло с двумя точками сцепки кат. III / IV для версий 900 и 1200
  • Узел дугообразных стрельчатых сошников в четыре ряда, регулируемых по глубине
  • Складывающаяся рама (версии 450, 600, 900, 1200)
  • Гидравлическая система с азотными аккумуляторами (версия 1200)
  • Комплект осветительных приборов
Frame Open Close



Hydraulic folding frame to optimize transportation of wider versions (450 to 1200).

Tines working Open Close

In campo Romania C 16 frame2

Tines working

Seedbed preparation is performed by 4 ranks of elastic tines: 10 tines per meter are the guarantee for total tillage of the soil front. Spacing of 400 mm between tines of the same rank avoids residues congestion even at maximum working depth. According to surface conditions efficacy of residues burying varies from 40 to 70%.     

How to choose tine type Open Close


How to choose tine type

Two kinds of elastic tines are available.

Gamma tine: the shape of this tool refines soil but doesn’t invert tilled layer: this preserves seedbed moisture, keeping optimal conditions for seed emergence even in water shortage.  

Delta tine: this solution produces a minimal but effective soil turning, favorable to control weeds emerged after primary tillage or to spread crop residues in tilled layer.

Leveling bar Open Close

leveling bar

Leveling bar

A front bar levels and prepares soil for the action of elastic tines: height of this element can be quickly adjusted by pins.

Rollers Open Close

In campo Romania C 16


Two rear cage rollers complete optimal seedbed preparation and leveling. They have also the function of matching ideal working depth of tines, with a simple pin and tie-rod system.    

Rear trolley Open Close

carrello post

Rear trolley

Heavier versions (900 and 1200) have a rear cart to make easier machinery transportation. During soil tillage wheels can be lifted by an hydraulic circuit to avoid compaction of tilled soil.

2 point hitch Open Close

2 pt hitch

2 point hitch

Our cast two point hitch allows for easy hookup and great versatility in the field because of the multiple pivot points; its available for wider versions of the machinery (900 and 1200).

Safety hydraulic lock Open Close


Safety hydraulic lock

Folding frame versions have an hydraulic lock to improve safety during road transportation. Its totally automatic and driver doesn’t need to leave tractor cab to activate it.