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Side mulcher
(15-35 HP)

The same machine can chop behind the tractor or on the side, in vertical position (+90°) or on slopes (-65°).

Version Blades
Rotor (rpm) Power Needed (HP)
Working width (FT)
Total Width (FT)
120 24 540 15-35 4 4⅓
140 28 540 15-35 5
160 32 540 15-35
High rotor speed with low vibrations Open Close

Gemella maschio 15

High rotor speed with low vibrations

Rotors of Maschio flail mowers are digitally balanced in order to reduce vibration and improves long term reliability.

Hydraulic horizontal and tilt Open Close


Hydraulic horizontal and tilt

The hydraulic offset flail mower comes as standard with hydraulically adjusted side and incline offset. It allow to work either directly behind the tractor or to the side with the ability to work on vertical (+90°) or steep sloping surfaces (-65°).

Why a flail mower? Open Close

bufalo 24

Why a flail mower?

  • High quality cutting like a finishing mower with the ability to chop thick residues as a rotary cutter.
  • Different blades available to meet every shredding need.
  • Closer to the tractor and less bulky for storage or manuvering at corners.
  • Safer than rotary cutters near vehicles or pedestrians; Flail mowers don't eject debris sideways.
  • The rear roller avoids scalping.


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