89-238 kW (200-270 HP)

Rotary tiller for high power tractors up to 250 HP, with sturdy and heavy structure, ideal for tilling difficult and unbroken ground. This model is available with skids or roller, side gear drive and 3 speed hand lever 1000 PTO rpm gearbox with standard rear PTO. The considerable size of the drive gears and the frame structure with side reinforcements denote a professional and prolonged use of the machine.

Working width
total width
Working depth
Weight (KG)
275 88-199 / 120-270 275 300 29 66 1200
300 113-199 / 150-270 310 335 29 72 1300
350 125-199 / 170-270 360 385 29 84 1500
420 DT 147-236 / 200-320 425 460 29 96 1700
  • 1000 rpm PTO gearbox with hand lever
  • Rotor revolutions (3s) gears (22-19): 161-178-196
  • Rotor revolutions (3s) gears (19-22): 216-238-263
  • PTO shaft with slip clutch (1" 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • Side gear drive in oil bath
  • Universal three point hitch
  • II^ cat. (300-350)
  • III^ cat. (400)
  • Swinging front hitches
  • Gearbox oil cooler system with radiator
  • Rear PTO
  • 6 blades per flange with double flange (side blades are always mounted inwards)
  • Bonnet spring adjusters
  • Mechanical rear roller adjusters
  • «CE» safety guards
  • Side blades mounted outwards available upon request
  • Counter flanges
  • Hydraulic seed drill hitch
  • RH side disc (each)
  • LH side disc (each)
  • Adapter for “USA” type hitch, cat. III (quick hitch)
  • Pair of front wheels for working depth adjustment
  • Pair of wheel track eradicators
  • Price surcharge - hydraulic roller side adjusters
  • Price surcharge - rotor support with oil floating seal system (GNL)
Multispeed gearbox Open Close

Rotor rpm setting

Multispeed gearbox

Working speed could be easily set by changing the gears inside the gearbox. The user may select the most suitable rotor rpm according to soil conditions.

Side gear drive in oil-bath Open Close

Side gear drive

Side gear drive in oil-bath

3 heavy duty gears in oil-bath ensure high performance even in heavy working conditions.

Windingshape levelling bonnets Open Close

SC Maccarese14.07.2005 06

Windingshape levelling bonnets

The levelling bonnet comes as standard. it is adjustable by a mechanical jack in order to ensure a perfect levelled and smooth seedbed. The sturdy springs act as shock absorber and they increase the machine stability at work.

Wider rear rollers for optimal seedbed preparation Open Close


Wider rear rollers for optimal seedbed preparation

The rear rollers are wider than the rotor allowing a perfect seedbed refinement and levelling.

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