FTA 55


Compact and easy to use. Available with manual and automatic wrapping management. MASCHIO wrappers are available with single or double wrapping arm. 

Modele Poids (KG) Length (CM) LARGEUR AU TRAVAIL (CM) Diamètre minimum de la balle (cm) Diamètre maximum de la balle
FTA 55/2 1420 450 278 120 180
  • Satellite wrapper with two arms
  • Full automatic control, load-wrapping-unload
  • Automatic control with proportional techniques
  • Aluminium stretcher 2 x 750 mm, 2 film cutters, film protection
  • Drawbar hydraulic jack
  • Tandem axle, wheels 26 x 12.00 - 12
  • Mudguards
  • Housing for 2 supplementary film rollers
  • Legth adjustable drawbar
  • Lights kit
  • Bale maximum weight: 1200kg (with one loading jack)
  • Unloader belt with assembly kit
  • Unloader ramp with assembly kit
  • Additional loading jack (bale maximum weight: 1600kg)
  • Turning housing kit for 4 film rollers
  • Wrapping table support roller
  • Universal roundbaler hitch. Including assembling equipment, hydraulic and electrical connections
  • Pivoting drawbar edge


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