Variable chamber round baler

This round baler allows to obtain multiple results with products of different nature. Its great versatility allows to obtain bales of different diameter, density and weight.

By the control unit in the cab, you can set the bale diameter (between 50 and 165 cm).

After fast tying the bale (about 5 sec.), You can quickly resume your work. The LT differs because it uses an alternative packer that has the task of picking up the fodder after the pick-up and to introduce it directly into the compression chamber, giving a more compact bale.

For more info go to Feraboli website.

  • Winding: 5 belts 218 mm width
  • Variable chamber with ignition pre-chamber
  • EASYTRONIC control unit
  • Hydraulic compression with density electronic regulation
  • Constant velocity joint cardan
  • LT: torque limiting clutch
  • LTC: torque limiter bolt
  • Bale diameter electronic control
  • Hydraulic bale pressing
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Pick-up hydraulic lifting system
  • PTO rpm 540
  • Road lights
  • Tires 400/60-15,5
  • LT: alternative feeder rakes 16 teeth pitch 69 mm
  • LTC: Rotor with cutting blades 77 mm
  • Twine, net or twine+net binding systems
  • Kit Bale Ejector F_BUS
  • Clincher Mato Profi 5
  • Clincher Mato Profi 19
  • Net twine kit 2 rolls F_BUS
  • Binder film kit (available only for version with net binder)
  • “Lt” loading signal
  • Roll holder brackets kit
  • Couple of shrinking cups (recommended for green)
  • Additional housing for twine EXTREME 265-280
  • Increase for hydraulic brakes version
  • LINEN kit
  • Increase for constant velocity universal joint with shear bolt torque
  • Increase dor constant velocity universal joint with cam torque limiter
  • Increase for pick-up 2200 mm
  • 13 fake knives kit
  • Tight binder roll kit
  • Increase for constant velocity universal joint with torque limiter cam
  • “AFC” kit for ULTRA and TOPCUT obligation and cardan limiter cam
  • Wide binder roll kit


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