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Культиватор DRACULA –конструкция машины от ведущего в отрасли производителя, которая обладает преимуществами при работе на поле и способна выдерживать большие тянущие усилия. Благодаря комбинации передних дисков, сошников, планировщиков и заднего приминающего катка, культиватор Dracula обеспечивает работу с любыми видами пожнивных остатков, дает возможность контролировать степень уплотнения почвы, производить выравнивание обрабатываемого поля и вести эффективную и экономичную обработку почвы для дальнейшего высева семян. Применяя такой культиватор, вы сможете работать со скоростью 12 км/час, выполняя как поверхностную (до 10 см глубиной), так и глубокую (до 25 см) обработку почвы. Культиватор Dracula создает оптимальные условия для повышения урожайности и получения большего дохода!

DRACULA cultivator from Maschio combines industry-leading know-how, agronomic advantages and durability. Thanks to the combination of front discs, tines, levelers and rear roller, Dracula provides crop residue management, soil aeration, levelling and seedbed preparation in one cost-effective passage. Choosing this cultivator, you can face both shallow and deep tillage operations (from 5 cm up to 30 cm). As a soil caretaker, Dracula creates optimal field conditions for more yield potential and more profit!


Working width
total width
ВЕС (кг) Tines (N.) Discs (⌀/N.)
400 206-265 / 280-360 400 300 8000 9 18-610
600 242-404 / 330-550 600 300 9500 13 26-610
2 point hitch Open Close

2 point hitch

2 point hitch

Our cast two point hitch allows for easy hookup and great versatility in the field because of the multiple pivot points.


20130304 presto 001


Large side disc guards placed at each side of ranges avoid tracks between the passages. The side discs can be easily set removing manually a bolt.

Draw bar Open Close


Draw bar

UFO can be equipped with a heavyduty 2” towing eye drawbar. Drawbar inclination can be comfortably adjusted from tractor seat just acting on the hydraulic cylinder to ensure maximum stability in transport and to adjust discs gangs down-pressure on the run.

Heavy-Duty frame Open Close


Heavy-Duty frame

Heavy-Duty frame is sturdy and reliable:

  • Rear reinforcing plate
  • More hinging points on rear doors
  • Heavy Duty 3 point hitch structure
  • Side extended and beefed up flanks
  • Re-designed skids, ready for optional anti-wearing plate

Easy and safe to transport, robust and uniform in working in the field Open Close

4 cilindri UFO2

Easy and safe to transport, robust and uniform in working in the field

Thanks to the four hydraulic cylinders the frame bends to the book to reduce to 3 m in the bulk transportation. In working phase, thanks to the block valves, the machine maintains a constant load on the ground over the whole working width without having to get off the tractor to lock the machine with locking pins. Move from transport phase to field will require a few seconds and you will not need to get off the tractor.

Culti hub Open Close


Culti hub

The culti hub is an oversized solution that guarantees the maximum reliability and durability working on every soil condition. Thanks to the heavy duty dual roll bearing it can bare shocks and high load tipical of hard and rocky soil conditions. The long life comes from the perfect oil lubrication. The dual cone sealing system allows use of oil and makes the hub totally water and dust proof, maintenance free and long lasting.


C SPRING Open Close



Concave disc blades (6 mm thickness) will chop and mix residue with the top soil. Each blade is mounted on its own heavy duty C-Spring for protection from hidden obstacles.

The independent spring protects the frame from damages and has a true vertical stoke of 200 mm; while working a continuous vibration generated by the notched disc profile keeps the disc clean and improve the soil refinement.  


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