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30-59 kW (40-80 HP)

Used for tillage in vineyards and orchards and generally in all row-cultivations. Of considerable importance in the automatic hydraulic device with allows an off set adjustable of 40 cm. It is available as central or off set mounting, with a range of working widths from 1,60 to 2,05 m and it is suitable for tractors from 40 to 80 HP.

Working width
total width
Working depth
Blades nr.
160 C 30-59 / 40-80 160 173 22 36
185 C 37-59 / 50-80 185 198 22 42
205 C 44-59 / 60-80 210 223 22 48
  • Single speed gearbox with 540 rpm PTO
  • Rotor revolutions (rpm): 213
  • PTO shaft with slip clutch(1” 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • Side gears drive in oil bath
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. II^
  • Tiller hydraulic offset
  • Front skids for working depth adjustment
  • 6 blades per flange (side blades are always mounted inwards)
  • Manual on-off device for hydraulic pump
  • "Duo cone" waterproof sealings, oil bath lubrication
  • «CE» safety guards
  • Version with side single speed gearbox available upon request
  • Pair of front wheels for working depth adjustment
Easy rotor rpm settings with the multispeed gearbox Open Close

Rotor rpm setting

Easy rotor rpm settings with the multispeed gearbox

Working speed could be easily set by changing the gears inside the PTO gearbox. The user may select the most suitable rotor rpm according to soil conditions.

Side gear drive in oil bath Open Close

Side gear drive

Side gear drive in oil bath

3 heavy duty gear drives running in a sealed oil unit to give constant lubrication during work  and to ensure high performance even in prolonged and hard soil tillage.


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