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22-74 kW (30-100 HP)

Борона мод. DELFINO DL была спроектирована для малых сельскохозяйственных предприятий и для обработки почвы для возделывания специальных культур, таких как: плодоовощные и виноградные культуры. Особое внимание, направленное на гарантию небольших размеров и небольшого веса машины, превращают борону в оборудование, которое подходит для тракторов с низкой мощностью. Особая конструкция ножей позволяет размельчать землю со значительной экономией мощности трактора

Working width
total width
Working depth
1300 22-74 / 30-100 130 136 28 10
1500 26-74 / 35-100 150 160 28 12
1800 33-74 / 45-100 180 185 28 14
2000 44-74 / 60-100 200 210 28 16
  • Single speed gearbox with 540 rpm PTO
  • Rotor revolution (rpm): 290
  • Version with 540 rpm PTO gearbox available upon request
  • - Pair of standard gears: 16-17
  • - Rotor revolution PTO 540 rpm (2s): 310-273
  • PTO shaft with shear pin (1” 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • Round blade-holders
  • 2 blades per rotor
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS) as option
  • Strengthened 6mm housing transmission, high strength steel
  • Universal three point hitch:
  • cat. I (1300-1500)
  • cat. II (versioni 1800-2000)
  • Offset front bar hitches
  • Rear roller pin adjustment
  • Side dampened protection
  • «CE» safety guards
  • Pre-equipped for combination with Vitigreen (1300-1500)
  • Pair of wheel track eradicators
  • Pair of track eradicators with pin adjustment and safety shear bolt
  • Pair of track eradicators with pin adjustment and safety spring
  • Mechanical roller side adjusters kit
  • Hydraulic roller side adjusters kit
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS) 1300
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS) 1500
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS) 1800
  • Bolt On steel deflectors (PLUS) 2000
  • Rear bar with pin adjustment 1500
  • Rear bar with pin adjustment 1800
  • Rear bar with pin adjustment 2000
  • Price surcharge - PTO shaft with slip clutch
  • Price surcharge for gearbox
Gearbox Open Close

gearbox cambio velocit


Main gearbox is critically important to the machine, so it is made directly by Maschio Gaspardo to ensure consistency, strength and quality. Spare gears are available on machines to change rotation speed of tines.

Number of rotors Open Close

img 3numero rotori

Number of rotors

25 cm spacing among the rotors gives Maschio Power Harrows more rotors than many other power harrows on the market today, it also lowers the horsepower requirement and most importantly leaves a finer seed bed.

Low vibrations Open Close

rotors power harrow

Low vibrations

The tine rotors are all positioned at different angles which allow the power harrow to gradually dig into the soil reducing the vibration transmitted to the tractor and reducing peak loads on the driveline resulting in smoother operation and less fuel consumption.


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