22-95kW (30-130HP)

Is a broadcast seed drill for grass crops or cereals which is compatible with many kinds and models of machines for soil tillage: rotary tillers (B, C, SC) power harrows (Pony, DL, DLS, DC, DCR, DM, DMR e Orso) or disc harrows (Presto). Particular configuration with near- vertical adduction pipes (75°) makes machine suitable for all working conditions, especially on hilly ground and very steep slopes. Seed distribution is extremely easy, delivering seed directly between working organs and rear roller. A wide range of versions and widths are available from 4 to 10 ft.

Working width
1300 22-74 / 30-100 130 9
1500 26-74 / 35-100 150 11
1800 33-74 / 45-100 180 14
2000 44-74 / 60-100 200 16
2300 48-88 / 65-120 230 18
2500 52-88 / 70-120 250 20
3000 60-95 / 80-130 300 24


  • Quick hitch for Maschio power harrow mod. DELFINO/DELFINO SUPER
  • Hopper capacity: 37 - 57 - 75- 94 bu
  • Fine and large dosing rollers combined for small and large seeds
  • Infinite gearshift with 3 oil-cooled cams
  • Hopper agitator
  • Excluding seed hopper agitator
  • Single transmission
  • Hopper with indicator for seed level check
  • Calibration control
  • Calibration and emptying tray
  • Parking stands
  • Lighting kit (disassembled)
  • Warning boards (disassembled)



  • Single speed gearbox with 540 rpm PTO
  • Rotor revolution versions 1300-2000 (rpm): 290
  • Rotor revolution versions 2300-3000 (rpm): 352
  • PTO shaft with shear pin (1” 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • Strengthened 6mm housing transmission, high strength steel
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS) as option
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. I
  • Round blade-holders
  • 2 blades per rotor
  • Offset front bar hitches
  • Rear roller pin adjustment
  • «CE» safety guards
  • Side dampened protection

Version with multispeed gearbox available upon request

Easy setting Open Close


Easy setting

Thanks to the low hopper and the roller compact design, refilling the hopper, calibrating the distribution and carrying out all maintenance operations become very easy.

The trays for calibration/empting are included in the standard equipment.

Smooth angle profiles of side frame prevent damages even in narrow areas such as vineyards.

Blades holder Open Close

Power harrow shaft Maschio

Blades holder

Rotor shafts are processed by turning from a single tempered special Chrome Molybdenum high tensile steel and shaft is 2 ¼ in.

Compact design Open Close


Compact design

COMPAGNA releases seeds between power harrow tines and rear roller. The metering system can distribute both small and large seeds with the same precision and accuracy. Seed agitator can be easily excluded when sowing larger seeds. The three cams gearbox ensures Seeding rates variable from 1 to 450 lbs/ac. Distribution system is driven by the rear roller à very compact design.

GASPARDO gear box- easy and precise Open Close

Sezione Cambio 3 camme

GASPARDO gear box- easy and precise

  • Our 3-cam transmission design allows us to acquire maximum accuracy versus many competitors that have a two cam design.
  • Calibration is very time saving using our one handle lever to set the rate.
  • All of our cams and bearings on the gearbox run in an oilbath so that you do not have to worry about greasing them

Rotor timing - low vibration Open Close

rotor timing

Rotor timing - low vibration

The tine rotors are all positioned at different angles which allow the power harrow to gradually dig into the soil reducing the vibration transmitted to the tractor and reducing peak loads on the driveline resulting in smoother operation and less fuel consumption.

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