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88-242 kW (120-330 HP)

CENTAURO is the combination of a rotary harrow with seeding bar and a front hopper. With its generous load capacity and width, this equipment is ideal for medium/large farms and for demanding contractors. The excellent weight distribution is a clear advantage when it comes to traction, making the machine perfectly stable on hilly and irregular environments. The metering of the product is entrusted to the electric drive, which guarantees uniform, flowing distribution. The robust mechanics of the GABBIANO, FALCO, AQUILA, TORO and JUMBO harrows allow excellent performance both on worked and unworked terrains. The machine is available in widths from 4 to 6 m, with hoppers from 1100 or 1600 liters; thanks to the folding frame has a 2.55 m street circulation permission. The seed dosage is entrusted to the GENIUS electronic transmission with a large monitor with a numeric keypad. 

Working width
AQUILA 4500 147-242 / 200-330 460 36 12,5 1100
AQUILA 5000 162-242 / 220-330 500 40 12,5 1600
AQUILA 6000 184-242 / 250-330 600 48 12,5 1600
GABBIANO 4000 88-190 / 120-240 400 32 12.5 1100
GABBIANO 4500 95-190 / 130-240 460 36 12.5 1100
GABBIANO 5000 162-242 / 220-330 500 40 12,5 1600


  • Central speed gearbox 1000 rpm PTO
  • 1000 rpm PTO side gearbox
  • Pair of standard gears: 17-23
  • Rotor revolution PTO 1000 rpm (2s): 290-357
  • Central direct PTO shaft
  • Cam side PTO shafts
  • Quick PTO shaft protection removal
  • Heavy duty gear-tray with double reinforcement
  • Round blade-holders
  • Bolt-on steel deflectors (PLUS)
  • Long dampened side protections
  • Quick blade release
  • Rear roller pin adjustment
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. III^
  • Rear levelling bar on the roller with mechanical side adjusters
  • Rear lights for transport (disassembled)
  • Manual selection device for fix/upwards floating mode
  • Hydraulic folding system
  • Safety hydraulic locks for transport
  • Folded power harrow width: cm 240
  • 2 blades per rotor
  • Central eradicator
  • «CE» safety guards (supplied assembled)
  • Pneumatic seed drill with front tank
  • N.2 displacement dosers with pneumatic distribution (vers. 6000)
  • N.1 displacement dosers with pneumatic distribution (vers. 4500-5000)
  • Tractor dependent hydraulic fan drive
  • Hopper capacity: 1600 l (1100 l vers. 4500/5000)
  • Seed conveying pipe
  • Half machine electric shut off (version 6000)
  • Slingshot for distributor exclusion
  • Hopper internal tile for seed support
  • Front lights
  • Fitting for MASCHIO mod. Aquila Rapido 4600, 5000, 6000 with fast-release
  • Rear frame (2 distribution heads in 6000 version)
  • Individual furrow opener pressure adjustment
  • Seed covering harrow
  • Parking stands
  • Hydraulic row marker track in center
  • Suffolk version with planting units on 3 ranks
  • Rear lights with warning boards
  • Electronic balance in scale
  • GPS Speed detection device
  • Electric dosing - isobus GENIUS MASTER system
  • F25-125, G1000 and N500 dosing rollers for seed, G1002 for fertilizer



Hydraulic coulter bar tensioning Open Close


Hydraulic coulter bar tensioning

The pressure of planting unit is easily regulated from the cab by hydraulic pistons.

Wide range of planting units Open Close

seeding unit NINA2

Wide range of planting units

1 Coulter boot: indicated for sowing in tilled and stony soils without crop residues. Each component getting in contact with soil is made of long lasting materials and are easily replaceable.

2 INOX steel disc: recommended for seeding on tilled and no-tilled soils even with straws. Discs are keep cleaned by double mud scraper. Each disc is equipped with sealed bearing that does not require lubrication and maintenance.

3- Double boron steel made COREX discs: suggested to work on tilled soils with crop residues. By their exclusive camber, these discs make easy sowing depth control. Each disc is equipped with sealed bearing that does not require lubrication and maintenance.

Different cover harrows Open Close


Different cover harrows

Different models of elastic tooth and different systems to modify the cover harrow height are proposed.

The STANDARD tooth is normally applied to on in-line seed drills and it is indicated for tilled soils.

The SOFT tooth has less aggressive spring and tooth inclination to avoid clogging. This version is recommended for no-tilled soil with many crop residues.

The regulation of cover harrow height occurs by pins as standard while multiple adjustment with a continuous cylinder is optional.

Large front tank Open Close

PA 1

Large front tank

The front tank with one or two distributors (1260 and 1600 l capacity respectively) balances load from the rear tractor axel to the front one, improving driveability and safety.

The powerful fun conveys seeds to the seed drill through large flexible hoses (Ø 150 mm), ensuring a flowing stream without clogging.

Perfect combination Open Close


Perfect combination

The connection system between folding power harrows and seeders is based on a parallelogram that keeps the coulter bar perpendicular even when working depth of power harrow is changed.


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