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CAMPO 44-65

Pulverizador arrastrado con suspensión al eje y a la barra de serie. Eje direccional y nivelación automática de la barra opcionales

The CAMPO 44 and 65 representing the excellence of the trailed sprayer. Configuration available in 4400 or 6500 liters, ensure high operational autonomy, ideal for large companies. The machine has a generous standard equipment fitted with spraying computer to easily handle up to 9 sections of water on the bars 600 and 700 range of "ALA".

"AS" versions are among the standard features in addition to suspension control system is also hydraulic steering axle, which allows the machine to follow faithfully the roadways of the tractor, minimizing the damage caused by trampling.  With this system it will be possible to get more production even in the headlands, and avoid damaged plants can be an easy base for the spread of pests in the rest of the field.



Versión Tank capacity (LITRES) Boom width (METERS) Pump (l/min - bar) Track width (mm) Boom lifting (mm) Boom sections
44-44AS 4450 24-40 300-560/20 1600-2250 1500 7-9
65-65AS 6500 24-40 300-560/20 1800-2250 1500 7-9
"ALA 800" BOOM Open Close


"ALA 800" BOOM

The most complete and professional boom from ALA range, double folding system and the oblique hinge of first arm make it extremely compact when closed also in wider versions (32 and 36 m). Boom is featured with hydraulic lock of stabilizer, tilt corrector, independent geometry, tri-jet nozzles and 1400 mm hydraulic lifting. For a top range configuration the air sleeve “VENTO” is available on 21 and 24 m versions.  



32 m FOR POMPEO S4400/S6500

21-24 m FOR SIRIO 2200/3200

21-24 m FOR SATURNO ONE 1300/1600/1900

18-21-24 m FOR SATURNO 1000/1200


"ALA 700" BOOM Open Close


"ALA 700" BOOM

ALA 700 features bigger sprayers as large as 32 m of working width. Last section folds sideward with no risk of accident involving high tension cables. Boom is featured with hydraulic lock of stabilizer, tilt corrector, independent geometry, tri-jet nozzles and 1400 mm hydraulic lifting.  Hydro-pneumatic dampening is installed on cylinders of parallelogram.



24-27-28-32 m FOR POMPEO S4400/S6500

24-27-28 m FOR POMPEO S2200/S3200

24-27-28 m FOR POMPEO P2200/P3200




Dampened boom Open Close

sospensione barra

Dampened boom

All Booms for SIRIO and POMPEO can be provided of an hydro-pneumatic dampener with nitrogen accumulator to reduce at the best bouncing from working on uneven soils.

Dampened track Open Close


Dampened track

Dampened track is provided with nitrogen accumulator hydro-pneumatic device, for best safety during road transportation and stability when working on field!




With the special steering drawbar, the wheels of sprayer follow track left by tractor, this feature reduces dramatically the amount of crushed plants at the edge of the field, production loss and disease susceptibility: grain quality improves! Maneuvers are also made easier by this feature; the device has a lock for road transportation. (This feature is not available in Pompeo R model).  

"ALA 600" BOOM Open Close

ALA 600

"ALA 600" BOOM

ALA 600 is the boom with side folding of last section, available in working widths up to 24 m: this particular configuration prevents any possible accident from hitting high tension lines. Boom is featured with hydraulic lock of stabilizer, tilt corrector, independent geometry, tri-jet nozzles and 1400 mm hydraulic lifting.



18-19-21-22-24 m FORPOMPEO S2200/S3200

18-19-21-22-24 m FOR POMPEO P2200/P3200

18-19-21-22 m FOR SIRIO 2200/3200

18 m FOR SATURNO 800/1000/1200

Control unit Open Close

elettrovalvole di controllo delle sezioni

Control unit

Pressure control units are available on 3 levels: manual, electrical or computer assisted (see table pag 23). Mechanical ones have a remote general switch to control the ON/OFF function from the driver’s seat. Machines with the electric pressure adjuster have a set of electro-valves to control all the booms movements from a console installed in the cab; with this solution a single double effect oil fast plug is required.

Stabilizer Open Close



To spray uniformly chemicals is a primary issue to keep the boom stable and always parallel to the soil. The stabilizer device has a key role in matching this target, specially when operating at high speed. On trailed machine booms are hanged to single-hinge or parallelogram devices between boom and frame connection. Oscillation is reduced by gas-pistons or return-springs.

Dampened drawbar Open Close

timone ammortizzato pag 14

Dampened drawbar

Dampened drawbar, standard feature in both machines, allows to reduce at the best stresses on towing-eye to avoid any damage to the frame of machine during road transport and when working





Cleaning kit makes easier all operation at the end of the field work. Complete kit has 2 spinning nozzles for internal main tank cleaning (STANDARD) and high pressure cleaner gun (OPT) for external tank and boom cleaning. When spraying operation are temporary suspended and there is the need to rinse the circuit, DEVIOKIT by pass system avoids any dilution of product in half-filled main tank.     

"ALA 500" BOOM Open Close


"ALA 500" BOOM

Model with working widths between 15 and 22 m, last section of the arms folds upwards allowing to easily overcome side obstacles. Boom is featured with hydraulic lock of stabilizer, tilt corrector, independent geometry, tri-jet nozzles and hydraulic lifting.



18-19-21-22 m FORPOMPEO S2200/S3200

18-19-21-22 m FOR POMPEO P2200/P3200

18-19-21-22 m FOR SIRIO 2200/3200

15-16-18 m FOR SIRIO 1500/2000

18 m FOR SATURNO ONE 1300/1600/1900

15-16-18 m FOR SATURNO 800/1000/1200

30 liters mixer Open Close


30 liters mixer

The pre-mixer reduces contact with hazardous chemicals during preliminary operations, and begins product dilution with flow from the main tank. Bottle-cleaner nozzle allows to use 100% of product, reducing the wastes in empty bottles. A smart parallelogram with spring lock takes the basket in comfortable position for the user to pour product and move levers, at the end of preparation the pre-mixer moves back close to main tank.


foto 004


The control panel groups all the functions of the machine: all levers and main controls are clustered on the left side with clear indication for suction and delivery valves. Pre-mixer and hand-washing tap are very close to main panel to ease any operation in preparing treatment.

AIR FLOW (optional) Open Close


AIR FLOW (optional)

AIR FLOW improves work capacity of machine, allowing it to operate even in presence of wind up to 6/8 km/h (20-28 km/h). Spraying drift is reduced of 90%. Turbolence and and small returning upwards flows move foliage, allowing product to reach lower vegetation and lower page of leaves, normally not involved by treatment. With this feature is possible to reduce application volume and product rate per hectare, enanching tank operating range and bringing economic benefits to the farmer.

AIR FLOW is powered by an hydraulic motor and has, with no price surcharge, possibility to  adjust air speed (from 0 to 115  km/h), to best adapt to working conditions.


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