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Is a hedge cutter for professional maintenance of road and urban green areas. High hinge and parallelogram first arm design allow to overcome obstacles. Its compact structure permits to work in very small spaces with tractors from 60 to 80 HP.

Version Extension (cm) Weight (KG) Min. Tractor weight (KG) Power (HP) Hyd Oil Rotor (rpm) max Hydraulic engine Cutting Head
500 505 1550 3500 80 170 2700 33/45 1250
550 551 1600 3500 80 170 2700 33/45 1250
600T 613 1680 3800 80 170 2700 33/45 1250
650T 657 1710 4000 80 170 2700 33/45 1250
  • Independent hydraulic circuit
  • Rotor gear pump in cast iron cat 3. Max 540 RPM
  • High output silenced motor on cutting head
  • Proportional electric compensated distributor (JSPE)
  • Output filter for oil distributor
  • Proportional distributor to reduce stresses on start and stop of rotor and extend lifespan of the circuit
  • Double direction spinning rotor
  • Spiral blades distribution on rotor
  • Zinc-coated hinges made in heat treated steel
  • Hardened bushings with anti-wear treatment
  • Connection for fork lift for 125/C5 head with rear central hitch
  • Floating head
  • Rear roller diameter 152 mm
  • Over-center safety valve on 1st and 2nd arm
  • Tilting safety system with nitrogen dampener and max-load valve to prevent any damage from hitting obstacles.
  • Anti-clogging safety with rotor RPM sensor
  • Control box
  • Head rotation 246°
  • PTO shaft
  • Road light
  • Rotor arrest in 13”
  • Heat exchanger


  • JSPH Joystick (with control box)
  • Nitrogen accumulator on 1st arm
  • Delta 3rd point connector with anchorage for stabilizer brackets
  • Rigid connection for tractor axle
  • Closed circuit piston pump
  • Belt drive cutting head
  • Centralized self-greasing system
  • Touch screen monitor
Cutting head Open Close

coltelli a spirale

Cutting head

Head of hedge cutters permits maximum working flexibility  thanks to its rotation angle of 246°. Spiral disposition of blades guarantees a smooth mulching action with very low vibration.

Iron cast coupler Open Close

iron cast coupler

Iron cast coupler

This device splits power from PTO on two independent shafts moving pumps for rotor and hydraulic circuit. This solution makes possible use hedge cutter even in heavier condition with maximum reliability.

Safety systems Open Close

shock absorber

Safety systems

In case of sudden rotor arrest, a safety valve drops pressure from hydraulic engine to prevent any damage.  

A double safety system is active when the arm encounters any obstacle. First protection is a nitrogen dampener working with a hydro-pneumatic circuit. If first system is not sufficient a max safety valve, acting on a cylinder, turns back 90° the arm.

Reversible rotor Open Close

anti inversion lever

Reversible rotor

It’s possible to invert spin direction of rotor: this makes the machinery suitable both to cut grass, shrubs (clockwise spin) and operate close to water along rivers (anticlockwise spin). To prevent any accidental inversion, the lever for this function has a safety block.

Contour Following System (CFS) Open Close


Contour Following System (CFS)

Floating head allows user to follow uneven ground contours without acting on motion control. A safety system limits maximum head oscillation so, in case of sudden level drop, risk of head falling or tractor overturning are prevented.  

Strong junctions Open Close


Strong junctions

All hinges have pins made of hardened, heat-treated steel; bushings are wear resistant and provided of lubricating nipples.

Cast Iron rotor gear pump Open Close

iron cast pump

Cast Iron rotor gear pump

Cast iron made gear pump is more resistant to high temperatures comparing to aluminum: this technical choice is suited to professional use under intense and stressing work conditions.

Hydraulic shut off Open Close

shut off cocks

Hydraulic shut off

Hydraulic circuit can be blocked by shut-off valves: this allows user to perform safely maintenance operations, without any dangerous accidental movement of the arm.


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