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(60-130 HP)

The C rotary tiller is a versatile implement with a wide range of applications.
Seed bed refinement after plowing, management of crop residues, mechanical control of weeds, breaking up of established grassland, direct seed bed preparation - these are only some of its many possible uses.
C series is available on ORCHARD VERSION designed to effectively bury residues and make them decompose faster. The smooth rear roller 7” wider on each side, creates a good soil packing and levelling allowing to prepare to prepare the ideal orchard floor for harvesters. C ORCHARD series are fitted with tungsten coated blades and counter-flanges which are parts of standard equipment standard equipment.

Version Blades
Power Needed (HP)
Total Width (FT)
205 48 60-130 11
230 54 70-130 11 8
250 60 80-130 8 11 9
280 66 85-130 11 10
300 72 100-130 10 11 10½
  • 540/1000 rpm PTO gearbox
  • Rotor revolutions 540 rpm PTO (4s): 175-214-262-143
  • Rotor revolutions 1000 rpm PTO (2s): 324-356
  • Slip clutch PTO shaft (1" 3/8 Z6 tractor side yoke)
  • Heavy-duty rotor hub:
    - Duo-Cone metal face seals
    - Oil-bath - Heavy-duty SKF ball bearings
  • Side gear drive in oil bath
  • Universal three point hitch, cat. II^
  • Offset front bar hitches
  • 6 blades per flange (side blades are always mounted inwards)
  • Long multi-bends rear levelling doors with down-pressure double springs
  • Pair of skids
  • Side blades mounted outwards available upon request


  • A.S.A.E. quick hitch compatibility
  • 6 tungsten coated blades per flange
  • Counter-flanges to absorb shocks
  • Extended side retaining plates
  • Hydraulic roller adjustment
  • 20” Ø smooth rear roller 7” wider than side plates fitted with tungsten coated mud scrapers


  • Pair of wheel track eradicators
  • Pair of front wheels for work depth adjustment
  • Pair of Ø 197 in. side wheels
  • Flanks scraping external blade
  • RH side disc (each)
  • LH side disc (each)
  • Carter protection guard kit and external skid for roller usage *
  • Anti-wear skids kit
  • Hydraulic seed drill hitch
  • Adapter for “USA” type hitch, cat. III (quick hitch)
  • Price surcharge - cam clutch PTO shaft
  • Price surcharge - rear PTO (not sellable separately)
  • Price surcharge - counter flanges (205 - 250)
  • Price surcharge - counter flanges (280 - 300)
Multispeed gearbox Open Close

Rotor rpm setting

Multispeed gearbox

Working speed could be easily set by changing the gears inside the gearbox. The user may select the most suitable rotor rpm according to soil conditions.

Wider rear rollers for optimal seedbed preparation Open Close


Wider rear rollers for optimal seedbed preparation

The rear rollers are wider than the rotor allowing a perfect seedbed refinement and levelling.

Side gear drive in oil-bath Open Close

Side gear drive

Side gear drive in oil-bath

3 heavy duty gears in oil-bath ensure high performance even in heavy working conditions.

Low maintenance Open Close


Low maintenance

The new Duo-Cone sealing system guarantees reliability without maintenance. You can achieve at least 50% longer life from the Duo-Cone system than standard sealing systems in the most demanding working environments.
The sealing system is completely waterproof or “amphibious” allowing the rotor and bearing to run in its own oil supply, this allows the rotor to work and be reliable in the dustiest of environments or even work immersed in water and yet the seals will still prevent water and dust ingress into the rotor and hubs.

Windingshape levelling bonnets Open Close

SC Maccarese14.07.2005 06

Windingshape levelling bonnets

The levelling bonnet comes as standard. it is adjustable by a mechanical jack in order to ensure a perfect levelled and smooth seedbed. The sturdy springs act as shock absorber and they increase the machine stability at work.


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